Choose Things and People That Love You

Choose Those Things and People That Love You

By Sophie Gregoire

As we re-emerge from the past months of introspection, softness, discoveries, revelations and reopenings it appeared clearly in the past couple of weeks that a New Dawn is available, almost in front of us right now.

Those who have taken a step back from the physical world, its pressure, hours, schedules, computers, activities and needs in the past months have felt in the last couple of days the intensity of a big SHIFT. There is a sense of a better, deeper knowing of the self which emerges from all the attempts, experiences, successes or sometimes traps of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 ways.

There is real sense of building a Synthesis of it all and from all we know now, all we learned, determining what’s right for us, what we do really want and moving towards those directions, new or old, by slowly discharging the rest. However it doesn’t feel that much as a “I drop the old to become the new”, which often times is the way that our mind choses preferably in order to BYPASS the most complex exercise of Integration, of Synthesis.

Discharging the “old” to build the “new” feels direct and simple but isn’t always the “right” path, also because our Inner Punishers find there a royal path to tell us “see, what you’ve done in the past wasn’t right, you didn’t do what was best for you”.

The exercise of Integration is a most complex one, because it’s not that much about “shedding layers” or “dismissing what we thought in order to walk towards new things” — BUT it’s about differentiating, slowly, organically, as life goes and in time what’s US and what’s NOT US, knowing that we could absolutely BE something which is perceived as OLD, and dismiss something which is perceived as NEW.

The exercice of Integration isn’t that straithforward as saying “I’m the most recent version or experiences of myself, and what I used to think is outgrown”. Synthesis wants us to go deeper and FEEL through the experiences of all of our parts, layers, persona, identities, connections what’s authentic and what isn’t, what appears as differentiating now FROM the true self, or what seems to BE the true self even if we always knew.

This being said and above all, what I’d like to share here is… the “AUTHENTIC SELF” is what brings JOY.


The Authentic Self isn’t that much about living in the Ether, rather than the Physical – or the opposite. But most likely a unique, special, personal COMBINATION of what oneself seek and can only find by gathering the gems and possibilities of different realms.

The Authentic Self, even for spiritual people, doesn’t have to be only the very high vibrational type of activities, where one lives the world, goes up and/or in “other lives” — that same way that the Authentic Self doesn’t have to be only focused on earthly needs, pleasure, abundance and tangible activities.

The Authentic Self could be the Unique Synthesis each of Us is building in time by experiencing.

This is a powerful time of TRANSITION and SHIFT — but not as it was in the 2016 way for many… where we would be carried by the waters and flow of the awakening process, sometimes almost just called, guided, but not fully conscious and aware and initiating what was happening. Some have been carried through turbulences, breakdowns, breakthroughs, pitfalls, adventures and discoveries – some days in a flowing, passive way.

Now isn’t that much about exploring from a place of void, or a place of weak knowing of the self RATHER THAN gathering all that we do KNOW to CREATE what’s next.

It’s a time where we pause, briefly, to honestly see all which makes sense and joy for us, and from there we’ll move forward – towards MORE of these given people and things.


I’m hearing very strongly too that the Authentic Self is the thing that WE LOVE, yes — BUT as well as it is also the things that LOVE US.

I feel this is a big, powerful, significant lesson for the sensitives, empaths and caring souls. We often times think that our openess, the tenderness of our hearts IS what OTHER people are, as well — but this doesn’t have to be true. We tend to open to things freely, to give love freely, to send prayers, light and golden energy to those that we miss and connected with which can lead to a feeling of being depleted IF this isn’t given back.

Energetically, as we feel people’s pains as well as their POTENTIAL, and as we have strong intuitive gifts, we tend to LOVE (in many levels, friends but also in a romantic way) people based on what we feel they WERE, COULD BE, MAY BECOME or MIGHT FEEL FOR US.

We tend to have Hope for Us+Things as much as we have for Life in General, but when external things are involved, a little more awareness and protection is needed. Rather than CLOSING OUR HEARTS — it’s therefore about opening to the things that actually show, in any way, that they love us too. It’s opening to those things where we FEEL, in truth, a reciprocical desire to open up to us in a similar way.


So, here is what I feel about this specific shifting time that we are in.

Let’s reflect on the following : among all I’ve tried and learned, what actually makes me happy, what actually increases my vibration, joy, sense of belonging, sense of freedom, personal power and authenticity?

Among all the things, the steps, the people that have marked my way, what was really ME? What has proven on the long run to be a good practise for me — and on the opposite, what is just borrowed from outside teachings and doesn’t resonate?

And as I want what I LOVE but also what LOVES ME — what seems to be seeking me as much as I seek it?

What are those things which RESPOND positively, joyfully, with an aligned energy to me? When I interact with people and things, who very simply is on the same wavelenght and who isn’t? What are the signs from the outside, from the Universe in this global web that we are in?

Where am I forcing things, and where are things coming to me, naturally, organically, or very smoothly responding to my invitation? Those things which I used to cling to, or I’m still holding on a little… Rather than blaming them, let’s ask ourselves : which part of myself is drawn to this, and why? Why “this part of me” still hangs on to it? What does this part of me would like to hear, to feel, to let go and come back with my increasing completeness for the next ride? Why is a part of me still dreaming of something which doesn’t respond?

Dear Ones — What Makes Us Happy, is what’s Aligned, what feels Right and like “This is me. This, I do Remember”…

AND what Makes Us Happy is also what comes to us without forcing, what stays without us clinging, what comes to find us, to seek us, to say “hey you! I’m still waiting!” – what makes us Happy, also, are those things who seem to always come back TO US, from nowhere, repeatedly, expected or not, whether we ask for it or not…

Happy is what Flows, From us and Back to Us, because that’s a sign of being aligned in both ways. This can be for people but also for things, because the Universe always knows how to find someone or physical ways to give us signs, omens, confirmations of an alignment or a symmetry.

Happy is which comes, what is brought from the sky, the stars and unknown messengers; what we read at night, behind the Moon, what just flows as sacred omens while we were just walking, happy-go-lucky, not seeking, surrendered, flowing, complete, peaceful, on the Summer Paths of our awakening.

Much love,
Sophie Gregoire

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