How much LOVE?

‘How Much Love Are You Ready To Let In?’


By Raphael Awen
July 10, 2017

This question came to me last night as I was out walking the dog in the evening cool and quiet. I tune the question back in now and ask Metatron for some more around this question. He responds with a ‘we’ voice evidencing that he has already been where we are and feels where we are wanting to go, and that he is also going with us as we do….

‘It’s not a question of how much love can you find, but rather how much love can you let in? The setting of the love story that we ARE is set in a setting of an evident lack of love and a competition for that limited and scarce love, but the essence that we ARE is the fullness of love. The real challenge is not to find love, but rather to let in the superabundance of love that surrounds you.

‘We chose the setting of apparent lack to contrast with the love that we are in order to see the love that we are and in turn expand our being with this infinite love. In other words, we needed a finite setting in which to see and contrast the infinite love that we are.

‘We are the story being written to ourselves, for us to see and feel, and in turn be moved by. Though the story is made up of many characters, a big piece of the discovery in understanding the meaning of the story is coming to see that every single character is actually me and you. There is actually only one of us. We are already one, though we’re just awakening to that, and letting this reality sink in. The appearance of an apparent individuality, of there being a separate me and a separate you isn’t true in the way we’ve perceived it. We are one being having an experience of individuation as part of our awakening and learning to realize the deeper one that we are.

‘More for you can’t actually be less for me if we are already one.

‘Because this is the deeper reality, any love that you take into your being, any wounding that you feel and heal inside of yourself IS healing the all. The gift you give yourself can’t be distinguished from the gifts you give to others. Self-love is the same as love for the all.

‘Love is the source and sustenance of every material and non-material thing there is, even hatred and fear are given their lease by and through love. Love is all there is. Hearts and circumstances that lack love are only opportunities and places to let love into.

‘All that is required is your choice and willingness to be vulnerable to love…to admit that you want more love, to admit you have parts of you that can’t yet digest love and need your help. This is all there is to letting in love, though for most, this can still be incredibly difficult. This is why most would rather maintain and be committed to their lack of love picture, wherein they can continue to resist love for a while longer under the illusion that love is lacking.

‘Even this resistance though is also contained in love. We all needed our illusions for as long as we did as part of our awakening. Nothing can be outside of love. It’s all sacred and it’s all love. All that’s left is to let it in.

Thank you Metatron, Wow, okay, this leaves me in a deep heightened awareness and QUESTions of ‘how much am I in this moment resisting love or letting it in?’ and ‘What are my next places to gift myself (and the one being that we all are) more of the infinite love that I already am?’

Raphael Awen

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