Life is Conspiring in YOUR Favor

The Unfolding of Events is Always Working in Your Favor

By Sophie Gregoire

Fellow wanderers, if you could only see that life is working in your favour. 

Those discomforts you are feeling are here to show you what’s not right and aligned anymore, they are actually your clues and stepping stones guiding more of your forward movement. 

Actually, the uneasiness you may feel is what’s pushing you to more freedom and joy. Change needs discomfort as a trigger, as a driving force. Actually what takes us to a next level, is often a succession of No-s.

Life is and always was conspiring in your favour.

It is the same for the things you did and which don’t resonate anymore. They used to feel aligned, and that is fine even if they don’t feel that way now –because to become who you are now you needed to walk the exact path you’ve been walking.

You are indeed here today, because of the journey which lies before you. You are now this and that, and you don’t want x and y, all these because before you explored this and that, and x and y.

It is a game of many layers — the “level” and perception of reality and truth that you are reaching now couldn’t be acknowledged by you Before, because Before other layers needed to be explored, felt and released in you precisely to arrive where you are today.

To see what you want, you needed to feel what you don’t want. 

To release neediness, you needed to dive into it.

To find balance, you needed to go through glimpses of imbalance. 

To see what you truly believe in, you needed to hear and witness “lies” and rise “against”.

See, life is and always was conspiring in your favor. 

And still, everyday, a good practise is to allow your feelings, acknowledge and pay attention to them fully. In fact those are not wrong at all but signposts, the clues and omens showing you which doors must be closed now, and which you might desire to open even more.

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