The Return To Desire

The Return To Desire

By Raphael Awen
July 24, 2017

The only place any real growth can occur is in the gap between what you have and what you desire to have.

If you don’t desire anything more than what you have, in whatever area of your life, you are at present satiated.

As proverbs says: ‘a full soul loathes a honeycomb’.

Returning to growth will require the courage to re-own your appetite, especially if you’ve worked so hard to get it suppressed to where you did.

Returning to your quest will call upon your deepest QUESTions, and dusting off the clutter and clamour of the answers that once soothed, but now only block the very oxygen your heart and soul is aching for.

Entire spiritual practices, belief systems, social circles and ways of doing life will most likely need to be renegotiated with and very often completely let go of in the process of returning to desire.

Most often, when we set out to kill desire, we subconsciously set up huge infrastructure in our lives to support that suppression. We co-sign mutual contracts with others who are at this same phase as us that we are now going to have to renege on.

Desire cannot be killed. It is pure life energy itself, that can morph and change, but never cease to exist. Even the phase of suppressing desire is part of desire’s dance of helping you come to new terms with it.

You may have lost touch with desire, but desire has not lost touch with you.

Try writing it a letter. Begin with something like ‘Dear Desire, Where have you gone in my life? What have parts of me tried to do to you? What is it you are really wanting? How could we find each other again? Love, Me’ Then wait for a response and write that out. Allow for a penpal back and forth as need be.

Desire itself will rekindle in you in a powerful way if you are ready to trust the process.

Raphael Awen

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