The Gift of Rebirth, The Way of Union

Sun Enters Scorpio (October 22-23, 2017)

Bill Attride
October 21, 2017

This is the space you encounter Ultimate Truth.
This is when you feel the highest Joy,
And when you fall into depths of Pain,
This is your time for Love; this is your time for Loss.

This is the Space-Time to face your Shadow…
And, this is your crossing point into the Light.
This is the Realm that is Scorpio.

Wherever Scorpio is found in your chart, and whenever there are planets moving through this Sign, you will find that it is here that you face the Fundamental Challenge of your Journey:

You are an Immortal; but you move through mortal forms.

Your innermost is a spark of the Divine; always and forever your Divinity is an essential and unique instance of the Indivisible One, and to all lesser forms it is what is simply known as the ineffable “That”. But to make possible your journey through Space-Time, you create/unfold from within yourself a hierarchy of “bodies” or Energy-Forms that permit your existence upon each plane of manifestation. From the most numinous and transcendent to the most material of planes (like here on Earth), all your vehicles are the mortal bodies held as one by your Higher Self.

You are born into a form; you die to that form; but you enter another. Spirit is Life; Spirit-Life is Eternal. But the Worlds, Forms and Lives you live are only for a time. You form attachments to your form; you form attachments to one another. You find the Joy of being together; and so, you must experience the pain of separation too. This is your journey bounded by the inseparable:

Love and Loss; Joy and Pain.

You are on a journey of Self-Becoming, of moving from lesser forms to the greater, of moving out so that you may come back again, now knowing, from moving through all these Worlds, Forms and Lives that you are a spark of the Divine making your way to become a Fully Conscious Co-Creator of Creation.

One day, you will break the bonds of fear. You will have an unbreakable faith because you Know: I am Immortal, I am the Light and the darkness and fear were just the phantoms of my past, when I was not the master of entering and leaving these forms…but now I know, now “I am That, I am.”

And so, you will equally face the mystery of Union with one another, finally free of the fear of loss too. For countless Worlds, Forms and Lives, your Joy of Love for one another was bound up with Pain and Loss, it was (and will be) unbearable. Yet, there will come a time when you will stand in the Light that will not diminish, and you will know that we are inseparable to one another, all mixed-up together, we are made of and by one another for ever and ever, and we will meet again and again until we break the karmic cycle of unconscious birth and re-birth with our awakening. And we will break the bonds of fear and step into the undying light by our very forging of unions in life after life.

Yes! It is precisely in these loving unions that you see the Truth; you understand because you have direct knowledge of your Immortality and your inseparable oneness with one another. You go out to meet one another, to live and laugh and love this beauty, this beloved who is there before you…and wonder of wonders, it is by this very going out to them, that by sacrificing the lesser within you in order to join with them, (and they likewise do this to join with you), it is in this Union (and Re-Union again and again), with the other that you come another step closer to your true Self too.

You move out of yourself to create the Space of We.
You join together by surrendering the lesser and honoring the Greater within and between you.
And, in the end, you smile and understand.
You have met your own true Self through one another…
You are for one another the Way and the Light…
You are the Light; We are the Light.
Shine on.

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Manuela@inaloveworld ❤

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