Authenticity is The Key to Joy

Authenticity is The Key to Joy

By Summer Garner,
October 26, 2017

What is authenticity?

Authenticity is being genuine, true and honest with yourself. The Latin root of authenticity is “author.” Self authorship is about writing your script according to you. It’s about finding who you really are, learning what moves you, drives you and showing up in the world every day in your own way. What stops us all from being authentic?

We live in a society that tells us how to think, how to act, what beauty and love look like, what strength is. But what if none of it were really true? A true free and loving society should celebrate our authentic differences. In this way we could begin to embrace our uniqueness. We could actually enjoy it.

We look outside of ourselves and seek what others do hoping that when we “mimic,” we will feel comfortable in our skin. But do we?

Through a process of self discovery, you can begin to learn what moves you and who the inner you really is. You will feel more comfortable expressing who you are and what matters to you as you become aligned to your authenticity. Self discovery involves learning to meditate, going outside your comfort zone to test and experience life in new ways as well as making space for yourself to explore and reflect on who you really are. Learn to journal. Pay attention to your dreams for they are always communicating to you.

The road to authenticity may not always be easy and may cause you pain. Relationships may change, friends may fade and those things that were once important to you no longer hold weight in your world. This is a natural progression during self discovery. Change is inevitable when you seek your true north.

Beautifully, through this change you start attracting that which really aligns to you. You find people you truly relate to, people to assist you in your next levels of healing and joy. Your experiences reflect this. The joy of finding home is what you’ve been waiting for.
My hope for you today: be still. find you. find your voice.

There is no one like you and THAT is your authenticity!

Summer Garne

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