It’s Time To Choose Your Soul Family

It’s Time To Choose Your Soul Family

Jenna Galbut

Warning: This may seem harsh…

And It’s honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do…

I am going to tell you what people are afraid to say and afraid to do.

I’m going to share this with you, because I know I owe a tremendous amount of my self growth to me understanding all of this.

I’ve removed and distanced myself from so many people from my past , including family, and including people who used to be my closest friends.

I just know who I am so strongly. Stronger than ever before.

I love everyone, but I am allowed to choose who I should share myself and my energy with.

I will not compromise who I am or who I could be, what I believe in, or my life purpose to make others feel secure.

It’s not my responsibility to affirm their ego or their beliefs made from a fearful place.

It is not my job to cushion their lifestyle and make them feel comfortable living the way they are by lowering my vibration in order for me to validate their life choices.

At times, my old self feels bad or sad for the “loss” or for “hurting” others, but I think it would be a greater loss and even more painful for everyone involved if I wasn’t true to my self.

I keep my heart open and my hands palm faced open to the universe and invite anyone and everyone in. But I don’t believe that “time”, “blood”, or “shared experiences” directly correlate to “family” or “friendship” … Vibration does.

The only truth is right now. And right now my soul family and my spirit friends are the people who share a very similar frequency. They are the people who help me evolve and grow. The people I love and will make the planet amazing with me.

I will always have gratitude, love, and appreciation for the people who were in my life before.

All I’m saying is; the people you choose to be closest to you, should be based on how good they are for you.

Now sometimes this may mean it’s difficult, they may push you to work harder, they may expand your ideas, they may demand you to be your best self.

It is these people, the ones willing to fight for the evolution of your greatest self, that you need to fight for.

These people are your family.

Your space is sacred. You get to choose what energy enters it. Some negativity is so piercing and so damaging. I know you are a lover and a giver but you have to protect yourself first.

I think much of my old depression and anxiety stemmed from giving too much of myself, exerting myself to the point of depletion. I didn’t know at the time how empathic I was. My caring nature was taken advantage of. Now I know better.

You have to be careful… That doesn’t mean that you hate people or dislike them, it simply means that you love and respect yourself.

Choose to be your greatest self!

Choose the people who support you in doing that!

Find those magical people that vibrate at a similar frequency as you and make them your family. They are your friends, your inspiration, your motivation, your helpers, your lovers, the people who are willing to support you growing into your greatest self.

And let go of the ones who hold you back. I promise, it’s worth it.

Don’t think about what you may lose, think about all that you will gain.

After the big shift, you’ll see it and all your old friends will notice it too.

They’ll say: “you’ve changed”

And you will smile and say: “Yes… I have.”

Manuela@inaloveworld <3

6 thoughts on “It’s Time To Choose Your Soul Family

  1. Manuela it brings tears.
    Is that your story, if yes and confirmed, let me say it resonates with me and my life Dear.
    Word to word I recognize and endorse. Only who is honest to oneself can speak these words and it only happens to them I suppose. Because the world is different it has its own ways. Integrity is not what it wants.
    I am happy if the time has come for YOU to choose your Soul Family.
    My Salutations!
    No turning back.
    We have changed; YES

    1. I am glad you like the post!
      Usually, I follow my intuition in posting. So, I choose materials I resonate with at that moment.
      I can say I started choosing my Soul family a few years ago and I am happy for. Of course, there is not point of turning back but going ahead and living my dreams.
      Thank you so much for taking your time to visit and send me your salutations!
      <3 🙏 <3

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