Sun Enters Aquarius

Sun Enters Aquarius

Bill Attride
January 19, 2018

You travel the Circle of the Living Ones, the Twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Moving through Cardinal, to Fixed and then onto Mutable; striding through Fire and Earth, to Air and then Water signs too. Round and around, the Seasons of Spirit-Life are held in these Twelve Dimensions or Realms, these Shining Ones formed into Three Modalities flowing through Four Energy-Forms. Yes, the path that you walk is quite simply “The Way”, it is the Royal Road of Light.

Today you move into the last of the four Fixed Signs, and the last of the three Air Signs; today you come home to Aquarius once again. In the prior sign of Capricorn, your abiding purpose is to climb your mountain of accomplishment and purpose. It is in Capricorn, wherever that may be found in you and in your chart, it is there that you reach for the prize of Self-Fulfillment, as you bring all of your potentials to their most sublime realization. But this raises a question pondered by those who take time to consider these matters, “Well then, what can come after that? Where do you go when you have reached the mountaintop??” (I will often joke with a client and say, “I guess it is all downhill from here!!”).

Yes, it is in Capricorn that you bring the present-day reality of yourself and your world to its finest realization (whether that be in your craft, or formed into a great body of work of spirit, science, art or social contribution, or into a company or institution). Capricorn is the Sign wherein we persevere and preserve, where we honor our ancestors who gave us this world, where we give thanks to them as we maintain our traditions, and so keep all that is good and lasting in their time and in ours; Capricorn is the vessel of responsibility, and it is here that you fulfill your destiny, to embody what was possible and true within the present Reality-Structure… But in truth, Spiritually, the next step is perhaps even more sublime…

So, you might well wonder, what can come next? What does Aquarius offer to this shining achievement; where do go after you have climbed the highest mountain? Aquarius looks up and smiles, and answers with eyes that sparkle and shine. In Aquarius, you look out upon that far horizon, seeing the blush of dawn that is the herald of all tomorrows, and with a firm but loving friendliness it is Aquarius who says,

“Yes, this is indeed the finest, and the most beautiful, and most meaningful achievement of our time. Given what we have so far mastered, yes this Capricorn achievement does stand as the very best of the best.
But, is there not perhaps something more than this…After all, we are not yet what we believe we can be…Can we not do better, can we not be better; let us draw even closer to our better angels and highest dreams?!”

Aquarius looks at what is, and then dreams of the better world that is to be. Aquarius is the Avatar of the Future. From the whispers of our higher self who remains upon the plane of pure spirit, we are reminded and so remember that we are here for one another, that we are one in truth and must remain together. Aquarius reminds us what it means to be human, and that we are in fact “All for one, and one for All.”

We are here to celebrate our individuality, we are here to be distinctive and different; yet we also need one another to form the palette or music of our culture, and from these shared meanings we each of us create our very own unique painting or song.

Whenever we are in this time of Aquarius, and wherever that Sign is found in your chart, know that it is then and there that you celebrate the reality of being human. That we are for one another, and that this is the very way and means to becoming who we are; that we are made by one another in our words and deeds, in our loves and lives shared together. The very substance and fulfillment of our hopes, of our fondest wishes and dreams is only to be found in and through being part of our families, friendships and communities.

What do you really want for yourself and for those you love? You want to be happy; and you want them to be happy too. And what is “Happiness”? Happiness is the experience of Self-Fulfillment. Though we need things in this physical world so that we can live; the only things we take with us from life to life, the only treasure we will and can store in “Heaven”, is the laughter (and tears), the joys (and the pains) that we have shared with one another. Our self-fulfillment, our happiness, depends upon one another. For how could any of us be happy without the kindness and support of others? And how could we truly be happy if those we cared for were unfulfilled and unhappy?

Our happiness depends upon one another; our happiness is truly made of one another. Aquarius is the knowing that you are here to be you, and to be loved for who you are; but that who and what you are is formed by so many others, whose voices, dreams, feelings and love have made you, just as much as you have made them too.

Yes, Aquarius is the dream of the future of never-ending possibilities; the dream of where each of us will be free to grow and become who they are because that freedom is shared by one and by all.

Aquarius is the promise that our better days are yet to be. That brotherhood, sisterhood, tolerance and unconditional love for one another is truly what it means to be human.

In the end, we are here for one purpose,

As it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.

We are here for one thing only,
We are to be with those we love.
We are here to love and be loved.

Manuela@inaloveworld <3