YOUR real Power

YOUR real Power


Everything works in our Universe following its laws. Nothing is randomly, everything follows those laws. Everything comes and goes in order. Sun rises and sets in the same way over and over again for … nobody knows for how long. Trees, flowers grow and blossom following knowledge of their seeds. They do not need someone from outside to teach them how to do it. They know exactly what their seeds have to do. Moreover, they are not afraid of storm, snow, even of “death” for they just follow what they know.

What about us?

We belong to the same planet, to the same Universe as they do. Why should we be different?      We are all here to grow. We have our soul and it knows what it likes to do. It believes in what it has to do and does not question how to do it for it has faith and the real faith is not in seen. It is in unseen. We have knowledge, too. It is our soul’s knowledge.

“Knowledge is power.” (Thomas Hobbes) We only have to follow it.

Believing in others whoever they are, it makes you feeling small, and you become frustrated and anxious. The more power you look for in your external reality, the more weak you are for you give your power or parts of it to those things and people you believe in.When following your soul it is for you believe in its power and it is your real power. Nobody has the right to tell you what and how to live your life for you are the only responsible of it. 

“Power isn’t control at all — power is strength, and giving that strength to others.” Beth Revis

Do not let others tell you what you can not do. They speak from their point of view, their perception and their own limitations. Take their knowledge as your guidance if you feel it, otherwise just follow what you feel. Never believe that the person you are dealing with is weaker or less important than you are. Never believe that the person you are dealing with is stronger or more important than you are. When you are respected and loved you are supported to grow. 

Remember that “No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow.” ~ Alice Walker

Every person has his own power but not every person use it for it is much easier to live in his comfort zone and blaming others than following his own road.

Those who succeed are not those following a pattern but following their own road, their wishes and desires. They are not chosen individuals by someone for there are not chosen and unchosen people, lucky and unlucky people. They are those who don’t give up when falling on their life road for they do not mind falling. They know failure is a lesson. So, they use every opportunity their life brings to them and keep going regardless the obstacles they met. You may succeed if you desire succeeding. Fall, stand up, smile and keep going. 🙂

Do you think someone is more powerful than you? Who has more power than you do? We are all created in the same way! Differences of jobs, amount of money are just forms of separation, for in that way people believe in their external reality, in illusions and forget about their real power. You can loose home, job, any materials but you never loose your soul, your power.

Do not be afraid, just believe in your power. Moreover, do not wait for someone to save you. There are no heroes coming to save us. The only hero you are and you will be saved by yourself when taking back your own power.

It is not an easy road but any small step in a direction you want is a small stone you use it for building your way. If every person would have been comfortable with what they had or others gave them, we have had no electricity, no cars, no technology, … but they believed in them, in power of their dreams, in unseen, they believed in themselves.

Embrace all the opportunities life brings to you! Every opportunity your life is giving to you, is another occasion to keep going for succeeding.

Any change, any opportunity comes for a reason. It brings you something you need it on your road. You will see it at the right time. Listen to your soul and take back your real power!

With all my love,