A Love Letter For Mother’s Day

A Love Letter For Mother’s Day


“Mothers are the fountain of creation”
― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Dear Mom,

I need to tell you here and now that you are a good mom and I love you exactly as you are.

You raised your children as you knew the best, you gave us everything you know and have. I love your courage. Thank you for teaching me to be a brave woman.

You felt vulnerable and scared but all of your insecurities and fears do not define who you are. You are a perfect normal mom. Thank you for teaching me to embrace the road of life ahead.

You have not been always happy but you showed me that every failure is part of my growing up. Thank you for teaching me of not giving up.

You could not make sure that my life is fair but you helped me to deal with disappointments and struggles. Thank you for teaching me to be a strong woman.

“You are the fountain
That nourished my growth,
And from your chalice –
Gave me life.
Without the wetness of your love,
The fragrance of your water,
Or the trickling sounds of
Your voice,
I shall always feel
(Suzy Kassem)

Have all my LOVE and gratitude because of what you have taught me in life. For me, you are the best mom in the world.

Your daughter,


Every being has  … a mom. In Romania, we celebrate Mother’s Day/ the International Women’s day on 8th of March. This post is my dedication to all women and all mothers in the world. I wish you all a happy day to be every day of your life.

With love,

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      1. Thanks, my friend Manuela 🙂
        Soul is pure, from the same essence as that of God, however, our mind gets easily dirty when having our daily “food” with it…
        All good wishes, my dear friend.

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