Remember Who YOU Are

Remember Who YOU Are, and Let More Light Shine In

Lauren Marie 
March 16, 2018

After walking headlong into the fires of your own destruction
You have emerged
You moved mountains, ground shaking beneath you, tsunamis in your wake
And released years of fear from your body
Sometimes quietly
Sometimes violently,You have faced demons head-on, not numbing out, or running away
And so, you heal
And after falling to your knees
In surrender
You have become
And as you continue to strip off the layers of old skin
You rise.
And babe, your becoming is beautiful
So it’s okay if it’s loud
It has to be
All-consuming oppression requires all-consuming healing
And gradually, you come home to your seat on the counsel of ones who have walked this path
It’s the path of the Greats
And you are Home.

Make a note of all your life’s major and minor hardships. The ones that shaped you, formed your perceptions, and made up the chapters of your life. Make a list.

Now, notice your breath, your presence in space. You are alive. Breathing. Heart beating.

You are here, now.

What did these experiences teach you?

Maybe to love a little more carefully, or freely, before it’s too late. Maybe they taught you to protect your friendships a little better, or your body. To never say No to an opportunity to uproot your life for a new place, even when it scares you.

Or that sometimes, final chapters of old phases of self are necessary in order to become more of who we’re meant to be — like a final bacchanalia, before our wild side side retreats, or rather, integrates. Before that side becomes befriended by You, the observer, without judgment, and you finally let Her be.

Allow Her to exist as a part of you, equal to the good and spiritual yogi you have preferred to depict more often.

The process of becoming is an intimate dance with the shadow, learning who lies beneath our pretty and presentable identities and befriending them. A process of cracking open to let more light shine in.
This is where true power lies. True self-mastery. In not shying away from that which is dark, but embracing it wholeheartedly, with a smile.

If I asked your current level of satisfaction with your life, what would you say? What do you want to change? Where are you unsatisfied? Where are you grasping for more?

How often do you forget where you’ve been in pursuit of where you’re going?

And I write this without a doubt that you will arrive, because you are here with a purpose. If you are reading this, know that this is undoubtedly true.

And in seeking, we must always pay homage to the past. You have arrived, already, to so many of your life’s destinations. You are simultaneously existing in millions of your goals, and it’s easy to forget. Not in the esoteric sense that life is more about the journey than the destination, but rather, you are now living in the place that you sought years, months, or even days ago — the one that you couldn’t wait to get to.

At the very least, you are on the other side of painful experiences that you could not wait for to be over, and that is an incredible feat. So take comfort in the present moment as a triumph over the past, and all you’ve endured to get here. In striving and seeking, don’t forget where you’ve been.

Remember what you’re made of, and you will be home.

Lauren Marie

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