Happy Astrological New Year!

Sun Enters Aries — The Equinox (March 20, 2018)

Happy Astrological New Year!

You are an Immortal who walks along the Razor’s Edge of Spirt, the pathway known as Dharma-Karma. All your Yesterdays and all your Tomorrows too, all of them meet here in this Fulcrum of Fulfillment…
There is only this, you are only in one space truly, you are here in the Eternal Now.

What was, is done; what will be, is still being made.

All that matters, forever and ever, is for you to be here, to be present and face the product of your past and hold true to your faith in a better future…and then to Act with all your heart and mind and will.

This most precious space, the space of Now, is the only place that you can be free; it is only in this ever-unfolding moment in space-time, it is only here that you can act and feel and think and shine as the Divine being you truly are. Only in the “here and now” can you be and become, it is only here that you create your better self and a better world too.

And the only limit to your Freedom to be and become…is you. For every soul who is on the path of awakening, who walks the pathway of Dharma-Karma, the only impediment to you to become even more of who and what your truly are is the self-limitation imposed by your level of Consciousness, by your degree of Understanding and Self-Awareness.

As you and your world circle your star every year, you move through the seasons of self-becoming and self-fulfillment. From seed to seedling, from youth to old age, you strive to reach beyond what you were and become a self-masterful and shining spark of the Divine.

The Year just passed has been summed up in your sojourn through the realm of Pisces. It is there that you reaped and took the fuller measure of your triumphs and failures. Both your over-comings and stumbles too have made you what you are today.

It is all good, for you are older, humbler and wiser than before.

You would not have deepened your empathy and compassion without having come through your own trials. You would not have reaped your wisdom, without having first fallen into the error of hubris. You would not have understood the fundamental truth: that what you sow is what you will reap.

The only treasure that lasts are these spiritual treasures, these gifts of the spirit, now made one with your soul. These are stored in that sublime realm you call heaven. You never left it you know, the highest part of you, your sparkling diamond body of spirit abides in “heaven” from the beginning until the end. The body you call “you”, that is just a vehicle of necessity that you require upon this earth…but that is not you. You are not dust; you are spirit, and you are immortal.

Yes, today marks the beginning of your next circuit through the Twelve Mansions of the Living Ones, the Zodiac. Today you enter the realm of Aries and the first question of life is once again put to you: Who are you?

Here, in the moment of Aries, it is here that you are always in that moment, the one and only, the Eternal Now.

Now, what will you do?

Do you see from whence you came, and accept all those experiences, both the so-called “good and bad”? Do you understand that all of it has made you into what you are here today? And, that what you do next with this, well that is the only thing that matters. The question is this: Are you bringing the best of you to bear as you meet the Now? Are you being what you are to be: self-aware, humble and wise?

Think of your journey as if each step was like moving through a doorway. Of course, there is always someone going through ahead of you. Now they may have been hurt, or upset or angry about something, so what do they do? They slam that door in your face.

Now, now you face your great test of spirit. As you go through that door, will you take that negative energy and just pass it on? Will you just unconsciously or selfishly just slam that door on the next one, and so pass on the pain that may have been passed down forever and ever?

Or, will you be the one who chooses to take that negative energy-form and transmute it? Will you instead choose to stand in the light; will you hold that door open for the one who follows you?

If you do, know this:
You just changed the world.
You just changed yourself.
You just moved closer to the One.
That is all it takes…
To make the world a better place,
All it takes is Love.

Bill Attride

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