Upgrade To LOVE

Upgrade To LOVE


Megan Mulligan
March 20, 2018

All I really know is at the tip of my nose.

Gazing outside my kitchen window, I’m sure this is true. That the heart of each matter is in the moment, and the mind is what lies outside. For the mind, so pure and strong in its mastery, runs amok when misused. And this misuse, by no one’s fault or single occurrence, is the root of so much blame and self-misery. The conditions of past lifetimes, at least, feeding us this line.

The freedom, you see, lies squarely outside of the mind. The truth lies inside of the body.

For hundreds of thousands of years, man ran wild. Animals, amongst our furry brethren, looking for ways to keep safe and fed. Our minds, as such, became overdeveloped, navigating survival modes. Using eyeballs to gaze for danger and intuition to detect what may take us prey.

And in that search for subsistence, the mind started to take over. In humankind’s mission to become the master of its own destiny, we let go of our connection to Mother and Father God, to the spirits, guides, and angelic realm. We let go of our hearts. We let go of ourselves.

You see, the Spirits took great care to create our universe. Creating a master plan of happy destiny, the mirror to which lies within each of us. Every person is a complete and whole universe. Designed with a perfect soul to carry a peaceful loving light and dharma. But in fear, we fled from the heart to the mind, letting go of our unique and divine map.

So what is the answer? How do we care for this gap between heart and mind?

The answer is simple. Spiritual solutions always are. For only a god-shaped energy can fill this hole.

Once humans became subconsciously aware of their need for a spiritual balm, we began seeking ways to solve it. Yet unaware of its angelic nature, the mind started to problem-solve by looking for external ways to scratch the itch. We looked for ways to feel better.

Some clung to gambling, food, drugs, alcohol, or work. Others turned to people. Still others sought alternative God-sources, but ones lost from the original purity and free love. Instead, man created religions based on guilt, shame and fear. And in their efforts to heal, perhaps more remained disillusioned, continuing to search from the outside what was theirs to fill from within.

So the mind played a mysterious role in all of it. As women and men climbed further and further outside of themselves, with the pure motive to live, the society around us became conditioned to mind-goals. To that of the achiever, awarding those who aspired to climb to the top of the heap. Proclaiming the person who reaches the end goal first as the winner.

Individual victory became our golden rule, so many of the masses believed, though Spirit asks us to pause. In the eyes of Existence, after all, what does it mean to live when the end game is a race? What about the life lived along the way, the riches that lie outside of the material gains, and the connection to each other through the heart?

Spirit reminds us that connecting to our communities in pure love, selfless service, and brother- and sisterhood, is indeed the way.

So, today, we have a choice. Now, especially, as some of us wake up and remember who we are. And in that recall of our angelic roots, there is a return to light. The pure white space that balances love and action. The root of all words and deeds that are an undeniable effort of graciousness and wisdom. It’s an energy that stems from our hearts’ desire, and rarely from inside of our heads.

Our minds may act as a stepping stone, but the space for real attention and guidance is from the fourth chakra, the heart.

And how do we get there? How do we return to the heart?

If your eyes brought you to this reading, then I believe it is your soul’s desire. And in this nameless space, find trust and faith. It is stored within the wisdom of your body. Tap into your essence, who you truly are, and allow this pure energy to guide you inside of the intention. For that is the path back to the heart. Your very own guidance. Your very own Mother and Father God source.

Yin and yang exists inside of you. Find the bridge connecting the two halves, and meditate there.

And remember, when lost in the shuffle of the mind game, in society’s programmatic belief that one must get ahead, please relax. Identify your own values and begin creating the life you’ve been incarnated to live.

A meditation offering:

Close your eyes and allow the consciousness to drift. Finding the chatter at the top of the mind, allow it space to alchemize. With direct attention, it becomes your own essence. When it feels safe, allow your essence to drift softly through your neck to the warm lotus cup of your heart. Where the thousand petals crafted with God’s loving perfection will hold you. Then, surrender. To the peace, the bounty, the goodness, the pure love that is within you. The pure love that is you. That is each of us. The god-source energy that will breathlessly light your each and every way.

Megan Mulligan

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