Her: My Gift OF LOVE, Honoring, And Reverence for The DIVINE FEMININE

Her: My Gift OF LOVE, Honoring, And Reverence for The DIVINE FEMININE

Chris Assaad
March 26, 2018

It began with the simple intention to give a gift to my beloved.

It was to be a creation that captured the essence of my love for her, while deeply honoring and shining a light on her divine femininity, shared through the eyes and from the heart of man.

Little did I know that I too was going to receive a most precious gift.

What followed can only be described as an initiation and awakening into a felt, lived and embodied honoring, understanding of and reverence for Her. And a process of deeply healing my relationship to Her in all Her forms — woman, beloved, mother, sister, and the Divine Feminine essence that permeates all of life.

From the moment I sat down to write and bring the gift to life, there was this felt presence revealing itself to me, and a dialogue between Her and I started to unfold.

At many points in the process of bringing this creation to life, a similar pattern emerged. She would reveal Her wish to me, I would initially resist, but ultimately surrender my will to Her desire, in love, only to discover the gifts and treasure that were awaiting.

The melody, for example, came swiftly and with great ease, but I initially resisted. I tried to take it in another direction and impose my will, to start over a few times because it didn’t quite sit right, but she insisted. Within a few hours of the pen’s first movement on the page and first touches of my guitar, an ode to my love was born.

The journey that took us into the heart of the forest to capture this piece was another such instance. I had my own ideas of what was to unfold, what story we would tell, how, where and when, but through one synchronicity after another, she guided us to an experience far more magical than anything I could have envisioned.

The images you see tell a far more compelling story than I could, of an unfolding to which I became a humble servant and grateful witness.

We ventured deep into the forest and discovered nature’s wonders in the form of some of the tallest trees on earth, breathtaking, natural streams, vistas, and a host of creatures that visited us in timeless moments.

I could only watch and drink it all in with awe, as my beloved goddess gracefully and powerfully came alive, communing with the life pulsing all around us, and as she danced Her way into the heart of Mother Nature’s embrace before my eyes.

This was just one small gift among several, far too many and ineffable to name.

What I can share is that which began within the context of the creative process quickly extended much further and deeper into my own personal experiences.

It was as if the creation gave voice to an ideal, of what it means to truly love Her unconditionally, and then came to life as something to live into and discover at deeper and deeper levels.

And this is what I’ve been asked to do since, with great reverence and humility, being shown and guided by Her at every step.

To learn what it means to love unconditionally, to discover the vastness of Her heart and Her ability to truly love, hold, and witness the parts of us that hurt, ache, yearn, long and suffer the most.

To be granted a glimpse into the cycles of life, the miraculous and selfless act of how she gives us birth, the pangs of that act of creation and the death that inevitably follows, reverberating throughout every cell of Her entire body and every corner of consciousness.

To truly understand the preciousness of Her purity and innocence, and to be willing to fight the most grueling and treacherous battles with our greatest fears and darkest shadows, in the name of protecting Her from harm. To taste of the shame, oppression and restriction imposed on Her, as she sets out to liberate the wild, the free and untamed within Her.

To trust Her wisdom, Her whispers and Her deep knowing by listening more intently and allowing ourselves to be divinely guided by our own intuition and heart.

Most of all, I have come to know that the most sacred and powerful gift that we all possess is our sentience, our ability to feel, and that the healing of our planet and our collective wound begins with each and every one of us revering, honoring, and embracing this precious gift that lives within us all, for it is one with life itself.

We are one. The Divine Feminine essence lives in all of us. We are healing the divide and these ancient wounds, both individually and collectively.

As I come into deeper contact and communion with all aspects of Her that live within me, I feel the magnitude of this task before us, and also sense what’s possible for us, here and now.

In that spirit, I offer this creation as a gift to Her and a symbol of our healing, wholeness and oneness. It is a gift of love, honoring, and reverence for Her. For the Divine Feminine essence and spirit. For our sacred Pachamama. For the beloved, for mother, for sister, and for all the women of our one family and tribe.

Thank you. I honor you. I’m with you. I love you.

“And now, there’s nothing more She needs to do, to keep me loving Her the whole way through.”

Chris Assaad

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Manuela@inaloveworld <3
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  1. Dearest Manuela! Beautiful! On the Divine Feminine Christ Conscious awareness is The Sophia Code by Kaia Ra. I’ve been off line so please know you are in my prayers and blessings to you and your family! Lori🙏

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