The LOVE Garden

The LOVE Garden


“The most beautiful flowers grow in the garden of LOVE” is the title of a Romanian song that is still colouring children’s days. It is a song that expresses the most wonderful truth of any field we talk about, that the most wonderful creations are born in love.

Why love? For as we all know, when loving everything seems to be perfect in our world. Nothing seems to disturb us and nothing seems to be bad.

When we criticise, our brain does not make any difference about who it is addressed to, so we are receiving it back. What you send into the universe is what you receive back.

When living anger, hate, stress, our ADN chains decreases and blocks many of their codes. They shrinks themselves. It is not strange that in anger, fear, anxiety, depression we feel isolated by the rest of the world. Our ADN feels in less the a nanosecond (0.000000001 sec) the change of our feelings. (for those interested see Poponin & Gariaev experiences). It happens because our thoughts and feelings change our ADN.

“We create our own hell, it is the sum of all our decisions – we are not sentenced, we condemn ourselves.” ― Gabrielle Estres

In love, the ADN chains grow, they open up.  It is not strange that a joyful person is open to the world and loved by people around his. 

Moreover, it is scientific demonstrated that human feelings influences the ADN structure and because we are interconnected, they change our world. If it was believed that 95% of our ADN is junk, it has been showed that 95% of our ADN is used in communication with each other. It is part of the process of communication  the process of enlightenment, that gives us energy, light. We are energy, so we emit and store light. The more energy, light we have, the more positive we are. If taking into consideration that our heart electromagnetic field is 5,000 higher than the one of our brain, it is another reason that our wishes become alive, that our healing is faster coming from love than from thinking.

“Beyond the flow of time and contemplation of the gods there is the Living and Eternal Fire, from which everything is born and make all that is. Everything and nothing are it’s breath, the empty and the full are It’s hands, movement and stillness are it’s legs, nowhere and everywhere are It’s middle, and it’s face (image) is light. Nothing is created without light and everything that comes from light becomes alive and comes into being.” (from Zamolxis Laws)

When sun is shining everything seems to be bright and beautiful: flowers, trees, insects, birds, people for any cells lives with light and light means life. Sun shares its light and love to everyone, wherever on the earth without any restrictions. Everything is born and re-born with light and love. 

Actually we are those who have the power to love, express love and give it forward for in the same way we receive it back. In the other way, following your fear and anger it is what you will have back and you live in your hell. Following your heart you live in love and give love and it is what you receive back and live in your heaven. We are those who create our own reality and our world. We are those who create our hell or our heaven.

“Be like the lordly mountain and rise your light above the things that surround you. Do not forget that the same steps you take on the peak of the mountain as at it’s base, the air is the same above and below, the tree grows in the same way both on top and at it’s base, the sun shines the same on the top of the mountain as it does on the soft earth.” (from Zamolxis Laws*)

It seems that what our ancestors have known what our science shows as being true. So, you decide what you want to live for Your decision always belongs to you: fear or love, heaven or hell. 

From me, love and light and follow your heart for “all the most beautiful flowers grow in the garden of love”.

PS If you want to be a child again 🙂 (for 2 min) listen to:

* Zamolxis – a divinity of the Getae-Dacian people (Romanian ancestors)

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