The Oceans of a Shared Universe

The Oceans of a Shared Universe

Caitlin Climes
April 27, 2018

Articulate the universe that exists within your soul, the ocean that spans your inner world.

The colors that paint your views, the sounds that nourish your being, and the smells that bring you back to another time.

Tell me about the sparks of creativity that pulsate in your body when you feel aligned with your life’s work.

Sit with me and sing the song of the world you see in your dreams, the reality you want to create, the life you want to live.

Let it out, all of it, not just the things that are easy to say.

I want to know the last time you cried and the depths that the tears brought you to within yourself.

I want to meet that place within your universe.

I want to know about the experiences that made you cold and how you pulled yourself out of it into a place of love.

I want to see the scars left behind by your rock bottom, I want to know about the darkness that once enveloped your sight.

I want to know if you believe in love and what made you feel its power to transcend the material world.

Communicate with me, even if it takes everything you have.

I ask that you express the experiences of your heart all the time.

Not just when you’re drunk or late at night, but also in the light hours of the early morning.

Whisper your dreams to me when you’re awake, and I will silently lie next to you under the stars while they play out in your reality.

Let the words fall, even if it isn’t graceful and you’re afraid to let them out.

I will not reject you, I will not judge you, I will always listen.

I will do this for you, because this is what I want you to do for me.

This is the beauty of being human: to feel heard, to be seen, to love, and be loved. For the ocean of your inner universe to join with the ocean of another.

I want to communicate with you in every way.

I want your kisses to transcend my physical body.

I want your smirk to send shock waves through the depths of my soul.

I want our laughter to send our spirits soaring to places we’ve never been and could never go alone.

I want you to let me in.

Not because I ask, but because there’s no other way to share the space we’ve created in this reality. The place where words cease to exist because they can’t even begin to touch the cosmic ocean of our shared inner experience.

But this is no easy task.

Everything about our culture has told you to hold it in — the sadness, the fear, the emotions that are the ocean of our human experience.

I want you to express them so the ocean of my inner world can meet yours.

I want the crest of my waves to crash onto your shore.

I want our oceans to meet and dance in a rhythm we could’ve never foreseen.

But the problem is that you won’t let the walls down around your heart, a wall that traps the waves of your ocean.

It’s been there for so long.

It’s easier to keep it up — it’s safe, it’s comfortable, it’s known.

Please let the walls down.

On the other side lies the paradise that you’ve convinced yourself you can’t have. A place where the waves of your ocean gently lap the shore at sunset.

That is the place where our oceans meet.

If you can’t let that wall down, it’s okay, I understand.

But please let me go, please let me be free from the expectation that you’re going to change, so I’m free to find the ocean that’s waiting for me.

Please be gentle with me, gentle with my heart, soft with the ocean that wants to span the internal world of our shared experience.

I want to share my depths with you, but if you can’t let the wall down, please let me go so I can find the water’s edge that calls my name.

Caitlin Climes

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