Dr. Nandi Hetenyi
May 2, 2018

This new unfurling is tender. There is more your soul is asking of you. Being born new, deeper into the familiar home of who you already are, an embodiment of the in-between.

The world has confused tough love with emotional violence and projected pain for so long that it has become commonplace to betray our own hearts, to make our bodies, emotions and hearts wrong. We cling on to the suffering of being human or try to escape by trying to be out of our divine bodies.

This is the tradition of our society, to battle with our thinking and attempt to forge ourselves into something other than what we are, to live in an eternal state of conflict between our bodies, hearts and minds.

We are all searching to belong, to feel comfortable in our own skin.

We have forgotten the lost art of fierce gentleness, of deep, deep compassion. Of turning towards our deepest pain and showering our soul wounds with our own love. We have forgotten about our own love, what this moves like, feels like and looks like from the inside out.

We swim in an ocean of harshness and disowned pain, breathing this air while feeling intuitively confused about why there is all this hate towards mind and body and soul. It shouldn’t be so radical to embody one’s light. It shouldn’t be so revolutionary to embody a spiritual path of radical self-love. It shouldn’t be an act of courage to turn towards our soul wounds in order to heal ourselves whole. Yet, this is what it is.

Be gentle with yourself.

Love yourself in such a way that you feel free.

Release the shackles that bind you from endlessly searching for what is wrong with you.

End the warfare on self for how to fix yourself or bend to love others enough for them to love you.

Love yourself so much that you enjoy your own humanity and revel in the sparkle of your own light.

Love the one who thinks you need fixing.

Love the one who thinks love needs convincing.

Love the ones who want to cling or run away.

Learn how to love yourself so fiercely and so gently that you birth your own reservoir of serenity and loving-kindness.

Love yourself so much that you set your own heart free in the flutter of butterfly wings.

Surge through the fire of Kali’s tongue for having been wronged and wronging yourself, until you dawn upon a sunlight of forgiveness.

Swim in the oceans of grief rising as your love flows back to meet your soul with compassion for all you have endured.

Love yourself the way you long for others to love you, meet your own divinity and finally come home.

Love yourself free.

Then you can love others free, and see their lack of love is a place they have not loved themselves.

And where there is no love, you can send love and choose to stay or go.

Your love has set you free.

Be gentle with yourself.

This is the becoming. Whole. This recovering humanity, this is bold and radical and revolutionary. The medicine of gentleness may feel slow in a fast-paced world feeding a myth of a magic pill, but in the end, gentleness is the softness we all yearn for and find a way to return to in order to restore, rejuvenate and renew ourselves.

This human-ing. It is the thing. It is complex. It is hard. It is weird. It is mystery. It is funny. It is ridiculous. It is whole. It is love. It is joy. It is everything.

Be gentle with yourself.


Dr. Nandi Hetenyi

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