Big shifts coming this summer

Big shifts coming this summer
Trinity Eclipse Cycle in July – August

Aluna Joy
May 8, 2018

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There are a Trinity of Eclipses on the way this summer. The first being a solar eclipse on July 13 while we are in England. Then a Total Lunar Eclipse on the 27th of July. The last being a Partial Solar Eclipse on the 11th of August. These events and other micro visions of the future are what triggered this message.

We have been learning to see in a new way for some time now. It has been confusing and frustratingly indescribable, but it has pushed us to work and see outside the usual metaphysical box. I watch everything differently now than I did before. Clues are coming together in new and unexpected ways.

I began looking deeper into this summer’s energies as so many of my pals, who can also “SEE”, are having problems seeing past this summer. So this must mean that something big and new is on the horizon. Seeing forward or understanding / describing what we are seeing has been a challenge since 2013. But this year, we have been seeing / feeling a matrix of so many new unexplainable energies that we don’t know what to focus on first. This is the beginning of us learning to learn, live and manifest spherically. Some things are beginning to come into focus.

We are watching the world go through huge collective waves of emotions that have triggered various much needed uprisings. This is all part of the transformation and self-leveling of creation. The wide reaching anger wave has subsided now, thankfully. That was a few challenging months. Now we have entered a void space before our authentic power kicks in. I think this will happen in the trinity of closely positioned eclipses in July and August 2018. We will be in England for the launch of this trinity. The trinty is a huge symbol to the Celtic lands. The triple goddess, the three Marys, Mother, daughter and Spirit . . . Father, sun and the holy Ghost, etc….

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What has replaced the short lived anger wave is now a feeling of great loss . . . a deep but oddly peaceful feeling laced with confused feelings and anxiousness, with a knowing all is well. All this is running very deep, at a core level, creating a great letting go at this deep level. It is so deep that sometimes you may not even feel it.

Now . . . Some say they are seeing big loss all around us. This is defined differently depending on who is seeing it. This wave is helping us let go of anything that we might be attached to, so we can be ready to leap into new energies that we are already being exposed to. This feeling of global loss is triggering a huge assortment of personal and planetary events depending on where we are at in your letting go process.

Keep your peepers open and your lights blazing on these days!

Eclipse only visible in very southern Australia and Antarctica. Greatest eclipse at 3:01 GMT.
Eclipse visible through most of Europe, Africa, western and central Asia, Indian Ocean and Western Australia. Totality at 20:22 GMT. Totality will last 103 minutes!
Eclipse visible in areas of northeast Canada, Greenland, northernmost Europe and northern and eastern Asia. Greatest eclipse at 9:47 GMT.

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Join us in England to kick off this event with touching a mind boggling list of England’s sacred sites and ceremony. We will be closing the door to sign ups very soon!

Aluna Joy