LOVE is Always a Choice

LOVE is Always a Choice

Raianna Shai
May 24, 2018

Art by Regina Lord of Creative Kismet

It’s not easy being here. It’s not easy being in a human body, in a 3D world.

You may feel lost sometimes. Scared and alone. You may lose all hope of ever finding your way back to love, back to you.

Getting help is always an option. But the best thing you can ever do, is come back home within.

You are strong. You are capable. You are bigger than parts of you are even ready to understand.

You may hear a voice inside of you telling you you’re not good enough. That nothing you do is right. That you’re not worthy of love.

This voice, this part of you, is not evil. If anything this part of you is doing everything in its power to protect you. To keep your precious heart from feeling the pain of judgement from others.

You may want this voice to go away, to stop treating you like you’re small. And saying no to this is important. But what if we give it something it has never known before. Love.

Love is something that every cell in our body responds to. Love is something that can heal all wounds. All pain, suffering and anything we have made to be “bad”.

Because everything IS love. That voice inside of you that cannot bear to believe it’s worthy of any goodness. The people that judge you because their parts are judging themselves too. It’s all love.

In the grand scheme of things, we can be nothing but love. We can act in fear. We can protect onto others, we can get angry, we can harm, but we are still love. No matter what.

So why give yourself anything other than that? Why remain in situations that serve anything but love? Why stay in something that makes your stomach churn, that hurts your heart, that doesn’t align with your truth and passion?

Our soul knows what we need in order to heal. We draw situations that allow us to grow as souls and we need them in order to wake up to this reality. But we still have choices. We can still choose love. We can always choose love.

From my guides, heart, and soul to yours.

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Raianna Shai


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