Follow YOUR Spark

Follow YOUR Spark

Sara Hocking
June 8, 2018

I tend to look back and wonder how I got to where I am.

What was the catalyst, the turning point, the big bang?

My life didn’t have a rock bottom event that allowed me to rise, like a phoenix from the ashes of the mundane into the sparkles of awesomeness.

What my life did have were a series of small events.

They littered across the timeline of my life, like leaves fallen from a tree. Blowing away when the wind kicked up.

A small event. A spark, an idea, an inspiration.

Typically, the spark is disdain for something in my life. The spark comes after spending way too long trying to fix the problem.

Seemingly, each time, I stay until I can’t take it anymore, grab my flint, and start the fire. The spark turns into a conflagration and I walk away.

One small act after another. Others call them one courageous act after another. I don’t see it that way.

I’m often asked how I was able to quit my secure and stable job with benefits, leave the country, and start my own business.

The secret is: I didn’t wake up one morning, decide to do each of them, and leave everything I knew simultaneously.

A disdain with being stuck in a building from one set time to another created one small spark.

Thinking for the past decade that being an expat would be cool, but not having a plan in place to do so, created another spark.

The thought of freedom that working for myself would bring, another.

All of the little ideas that pop into our heads in the shower, at the stop light, when we can’t sleep at night, are the sparks.

Maybe these sparks are actually signposts from the Universe lighting our way.

Maybe we create them ourselves and forge our own path.

I never once considered the logistics of starting my own business. Perhaps foolishly, I knew nothing about business when I quit my teaching career. But, maybe I would have gone mental researching and never taken the plunge if I had known. Instead, I just closed my eyes and jumped in.

Leaving the country was easy. My sister lives in Australia, and I intended to visit her for Christmas. I nearly sweat to death putting up my own tree this year because I live in Australia now, basically on accident. A two-week trip has extended into a year and counting.

If I had tried to plan all this out and make it perfect beforehand, none of it ever would have happened. I could have created a million vision boards, business plans, and early retirement schemes, but none would have been as perfect as the imperfect creation I live in.

I’m not any different from you. I played by the rules too. I followed the should-list too, until I set it on fire.

Sara Hocking


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