We are all ONE



Have you ever tried an apple coming directly from the apple tree, an apple showered by the sunrise and washed by the rain?

It  is said that “the apple in which a worm lives is a healthy apple.” It is true (for me). I prefer buying fruits from farmer’s markets and I like the smell and taste of the real fruit.

One day, when buying fruits from the market, I noticed a lady who had two piles of apples: big ones and small ones. It seems strange to see how the same kind of apples, coming from the same apple tree are categorised as small and big fruits and sold for a different price.

It is the same with us. Living in a world where everything is lead by ego – the love of power, we have been separated by colour of the skin, ethnicity, religion but we call it discrimination and governments make a lot of policies for not existing them but they fund them and instil wars for. The more they divided and separated us, the more weak we became and 

“The day the power of love overrules the love of power, the world will know peace.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

We are categorised as poor and rich, small and high in jobs and money. Actually, in that way we have been separated as “you” and the rest of the world, when actually, we are coming from the same source and we are going back to.

Why do you have to make a war for someone else’s religion? Why should we make people feeling sad for they are not like me, like you? We are not robots.

WE are all human beings living on the same planet.

Look around you. Even if we name the flowers crocus or tulip, roses or lilies, they are all flowers … They do not have the same colour, size, shape and grow in the same garden – the Earth. They are different and we love them as they are. We can do it in the same way with us all.


WE can accept ourselves as we all are – Human Beings. We all have different experiences and different perception so we cannot think in the same way. It does not mean we cannot respect each other. 

I have worked with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, with different sex and religion beliefs.

I have worked with people coming from the UK, Nigeria, China, Philippine, Poland, Arabia, Italy, Brazil, Nepal and Japan … They all laugh and love life as you & I do.

I have worked with lesbian and gay people.They all laugh and love life as you & I do.

I have worked with Catholic & Muslim people. They all laugh and love life as you & I do.

We all smile, laugh, Love and have wishes and desires. WE ARE ALL THE SAME.  

The differences can be seen in the color of the skin, ethnicity, religion, but that is the beauty of our diversity, the beauty of our Mother Earth and our life on it is not about you and/ or me. It is about US

Each of us is a flower of different size, shape and color in the garden of the Earth. Each of us is a drop of Humanity Ocean.

“Recognize yourself in he and she who are not like you and me.” ― Carlos Fuentes

I cannot be like you, you cannot be like me but WE can recognise ourselves in each of US for we are all ONE.

With all my Love,


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