YOUR Wisdom is Longing to be Gained

YOUR Wisdom is Longing to be Gained

Natalie Sophia 
June 20, 2018


Wisdom does not come from somewhere outside of us.

It is not always found within the pages of a book or through some other far out concept that we cannot articulate. For even those mediums come from a source of sorts.

No, to me, the wisdom we gain exists within. It is gleaned from moments with a lover on those days when we are aggravated with one another. In those moments of silence when we are both too annoyed to speak kind words and we have no choice but to look honestly at the triggers.

It has existed between the sheets on a hot summer’s day as I make love to him and we study all of the parts of us that keep us yearning for more. It’s in the sweat that forms between our bodies and the rhythm of our hearts as we hear each other better… differently.

Wisdom continues to come forth from many failed attempts at something I thought I’d be great at. Oftentimes it takes the apparent form of falling down tirelessly until I have learned a different approach. I am learning that wisdom can be gleaned from apparent suffering.

And as I sit in quiet meditation — I begin to understand the wisdom in the very breath I take. Each inhale receiving the very thing I cannot live without, and giving back the very thing this Earth needs in order to maintain balance.

There seems to be wisdom flowing within the cells of my blood, each one containing centuries of information from times that I cannot recall. It reaches out to me in the subtle quiet of my dreams to relay messages to me for deeper healing and truths revealed.

I feel the wisdom of my muscles as they loosen on my Yoga mat. How they seem to guide me through a practice, rather than my mind leading the way. And I see the correlation between body loosening and mind expanding. And I ponder the truth behind wisdom.

When I was young, I used to think that wisdom came in the form of certain hierarchical teachers and structures.

But now, I see wisdom in its entirety.

Wisdom exists within each of us. It is the very body we call home, for the body knows things that the mind cannot even fathom. Wisdom isn’t given, it is earned. It is every experience you have ever had in this lifetime or any other lifetime prior. It is your spirit leading you to the right places, people and things that will help you gain more of what you seek.

Wisdom beats forth with every tick of your heart. It shows you to your next life lesson and the experience needed in order to step more fully into your knowing.

Wisdom can meet you through the eyes of your beloved, were you to allow it. For the very thing you are in love with is a perfect reflection of you. Wisdom teaches us humility in understanding that even the things we don’t like about the person we love also exists within us. Real love can teach you much in regard to wisdom.

Wisdom exists in those moments of quiet. Those times when a juicy insight flows forth or when you get the grandest of ideas. Your eyes see it, your soul senses it, and your body feels it.

That’s your own version of wisdom beckoning you forth. That is the wisdom longing to be gained.

Wisdom is the body, wisdom is the soul… oh, wise you.

Natalie Sophia