Sun Enters Cancer

Sun Enters Cancer (June 21, 2018)

Bill Attride


We all want to know where we are going; we all want to know what is around the next bend in the river of our life. We all want to understand “the what, where and why” of this journey in spirit.

But if you would understand your path and your wonderful destiny, you need to turn around. You need to more clearly understand and hold to the essential truth founded upon where you have come from; you need to understand what makes you what you are. You need to re-connect to your “self” at the center of you if wish to build a life that is right and luminous for you.

Yes, it is always the right time, and it is certainly timely now in the month that is Cancer, to come back to your center, and to align with your sacred sense of home once more. Your home is not merely a space, it is your deep and loving connection to the roots of your being. Yes, here in Cancer it is time to swim once again in the waters of your beginnings, to feel yourself as you are in your innermost and higher self, for you are a divine being made of light and love.

But this must equally remind, reaffirm and bring you to a place of peace as you intuitively come to feel that “you are you” precisely because your journey is not separate from all that is around you. You are part of a very ancient line of spiritual evolution. You are part of the family of human. But most fundamentally and lovingly, you are equally and most marvelously a sparkling dewdrop of the One Spirit, you are a one of the One.

Yes, you will start in any life to feel your immediate connections to your mother and father, to your brother and sister, with grandmother and grandfather, to aunt and uncle too. But then as you lift your awareness you will see the more encompassing, affirming intimacies and shared affections among your friends and colleagues. You will extend yourself beyond the borders of time itself and feel your ancestors stretching back into the mists of history. And then in the present day, you will equally dissolve the borders that separate you from your greater family, as you forge fellowships with other peoples, cultures and lands as part of your family too.

Yes, you are singular, you are one of a kind…and you are so very special. But, you also belong to this greater family of human. And, you will most certainly feel, if not now then someday, that you are related to all of the countless life-forms that fill the entire cosmos too. Why? Because All of this is the One; and you and I and all the stars above are part of this family too.

That is why we look to the example of the great souls, the wise ones we look to as Masters, because we feel their deep caring, unconditional love and compassion. We feel this because they live in the one abiding truth:

We are all related.

And that is why,

Whatever you do to the least of these, you also do to the One.

So, there is but one injunction for your entire journey, and it will bring you home,

Love one another!

Yes, in Cancer we celebrate where we have come from…the stars. And from this we also understand what our destiny is too. We are part of a family that stretches back to the beginning of time and extends to the farthest reaches of this Creation.

We came from the stars,
And we were made to shine.
We are all related,
And we will find,
That our truest home is in our heart.
For we are here for one another,
From the beginning and for all time,
We are here because of love,
We are here to love and be Loved.

Bill Attride


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