Dare to Love YOURSELF

“Until you see beauty everywhere, 
in every face, 
until then, 
you are blind.” 
― Kamand Kojouri

Love is all around us. Some of you will say that it is not true for our world is full of  hate,  and anger. Maybe it is, but it depends what side you are looking at.

I used to be a negative person for a long time and certainly, I could see only the wrong part of everything around me, and I used to question every single move I was making on my life path. 

I could not see the good part of anything for my belief was that I was not good enough. The more I studied, the more I wanted to study and it was not enough. The more materials I had, the more I wanted, for there I had not enough …  

It is the way we have been brought up – to study more to be “somebody”. To have more materials, to be “somebody”. Actually, to look outside you, for that is the most important thing in the ego’s world. Therefore, one of the rules of our society is to value people by how much they have, when we should value people by how much they give away.

In that way, the entire life you accept the love you think that you deserve. As long as you consider yourself as being not good enough, as not having enough, you live with a deep desire to be loved when even you do not love yourself.

I have not loved myself, for I have not been educated to look at me in the mirror, and when I say at me, I mean it. Not just looking at my body, but looking in my eyes. Have you ever tried it? I have not thought that it is such a difficult thing to do. You can look in somebody else’s eyes, but try to do it with yourself. To look at yourself. Moreover, to Love what you see when you look in the mirror. 

When I started to change myself, I started looking at myself, to see what I have good, what I can do well, I started educating myself to see the positive part, “the pink” part of everything. To look with love at every single thing in my life. To be happy for every little thing in my life, to see or to look for seeing the positive part of every thing, to see the beauty of every person. Yes, for nobody is a bad person, for he is not born in that way. He is shaped by his experiences, his environment, his life … . You have to wish to change yourself and no matter how much you want to change the world, you have to start with yourself.

How to do it?

  • Look in the mirror and love what you see.
  • Look at every person as you look in the mirror.
  • Be happy for every little thing in your life, for any details give beauty to the things.
  • Give as much as you can without questioning what you will receive or if …
  • Love your “failures” for they are your lessons.
  • See beauty everywhere, in every face …

Look at rainbow! It gives away all its colors, all its beauty. 


I am sure that most of you are smiling when a rainbow is in the sky. When looking at all those wonderful colors in the sky, it seems that every shadow on your face is fading. Why not trying to catch a rainbow and see its colors everywhere around you? What does it cost you? 

“We know that rainbows come and go
But our love won’t slip away.”

Dare to love yourself as you are a rainbow!

With Love,



6 thoughts on “Dare to Love YOURSELF

  1. rajarhymes

    Really beautiful post. I like this part especially “look at every person as you look in the mirror” for creating oneness. Funny, I noted that I can look into my own eyes in the mirror, but find it more difficult to look into others eyes. I usually see and feel so much that I forget what is being said.

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    1. You are right with “oneness”, for we are all One. Probably, in your case, you have to look more into others eyes? 🙂 Thank you so much for your visit, comment & appreciation!

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