Everything you are Experiencing is Teaching you Something

Everything you are Experiencing is Teaching you Something

Natalia Alba
August 18, 2018


Beloved Light Emissaries,

As you already know, we are still passing through a phase of deep integration, in which many of us are descending more Light from our God Self to be able to anchor this new cosmic knowledge within our human self to be of further assistance. This is a sacred phase for those who are embodying, in their unique way, new aspects of their mission, and honoring where you are, even though there is more silence than the answers the egoic self searches, is pivotal, for only in this silence is that we can finally find the clarity required to understand something that is new for us and that it is not easy for our limited self to digest.

Personally, this phase is being quiet, intense and one of constant activations. For those who have felt the strong third eye activations, bewteen many others, occurring for us to see beyond the physical what our physical senses do not allow to, it has not been easy, for if the physical body is not properly fed and supported, it tends to collapse and it takes the risk to even dematerialize due to the amount of energy it is not able to assimilate. This occurs in extreme situations in which we do not take care well of our bodies. However, it can also happen when we try to fulfill a certain soul task that we have not yet mastered and the body is not ready to cope with such a new amount of energy.

Experiencing large periods, especially when one is consciously integrating, of profound vibration in our third eye area, tingle, visions and glimpses of light beams is one of thee main sensations that will let you know that you are having an activation. As always, we are all unique and will experience it in our own way. Placing a crystal, light diet etc. can assist, although as I always say, it is all about intentionally aligning with this frequency that we can truly do the inner work. Think nothing, do nothing, simply be and your inner compass will let you know if you must do something or simply wait for when your God Self ceases the downloads.

Remember Beloveds, the more we try to force the less we could fulfill what we are so eager to do, for the focus should not be in trying to be or do more but in purifying the body, as the only way to achieve physical ascension and hence, the embodiment of those new soul aspects that are being descended to us.

For the ones whose part of soul mission involves to navigate between different 3D dark timelines to help bring back the lost balance, it may occur to you that you fall, from time to time, when the body is in the process of integrating new frequencies, into lower levels of consciousness. As long as you are aware and regain the strength to come back to your natural state of being, it is all part of our mission and the risk we take. For those who are not yet able to master how to stay center into their hearts, while dealing with lower forces, be compassionate as you remember how to reclaim your sovereignty.

When one knows, by own experience, how the darkness work and their tactics to manipulate consciousness, which is not just about entities but about the humans they use for their purposes, one knows how to stay away from these lower frequencies, for we already know how they work and we simply have to stop feeding them with out precious attention. This is why creating healthy boundaries is pivotal to help into the stabilization of our mental and emotional bodies. For there are many that disguised under the terms love and light continue to use egoic mechanisms to call for our attention, drain our energy, and do whatever it takes to put us away of our heart center, and above all, mission.

These beings are not even aware that they are coming from a space of fake light, for they truly believe their purposes are genuine and pure. We are the ones who have to be compassionate, remembering they are evolving, as well as we are, and separating, again, will also be egoic. A lot of these beings will try to constantly call for your attention, until you no longer choose to participate, then their ego will get hurt and will react with extreme narcissist behaviours. Let them be, your main task is to continue being in the state of being you consciously choose to be and not into the one they wish to put you.

During this phase of constant updates/recalibration, you will not only feel many physical sensations, but pain, which is another important factor to take into account, especially when dealing with dark forces and/or when one is in silence, communing with our soul to be able to fully anchor a new level of consciousness.

Pain, whether you know from where it is coming or not, usually it appears when the body dissolves old energy/memories or when we consciously do so. Pain is a catalyst for us to grow and should be embraced, felt and understood for what it is – a precious gift that helps us become aware that in truth nothing and no one has ever belonged to us, and it is in this plane that we have the opportunity to remember/learn so.

When one gets attached to an aspect of the old self, a habit or a person that is no longer meant to be in our reality, pain appears as a sign that we must surrender and welcome what should touch our lives, at this now moment. When we resist and persist to stay fixated to an old reality, then we are reminded of the importance than letting go has through pain. Thereby, if you are in pain, it can be for two main reasons, one because you are stick to something that shall be released, secondly, because you refuse to embrace the now and experience only what exists in it.

Everything you are experiencing is teaching you something about where you are in your human evolution and what you need to remember/dissolve or observe to understand what is happening within your human body/experience. In the moment that you blame others for whatever it is occurring in your reality, you are not realizing that the first thing you should deal with is your ego and the need it has for constant attention whether it is by defending or victimizing mechanisms.

Embrace whatever comes your way, whether it is pain, joy, or simply a neutral state of being, all is meant to be as it IS in this moment. You cannot change anything that is outside yourself and in the moment you think you can, you have given your power to your egoic self. You can only act as One with All, for it is there where true power and wisdom resides.

If you are, as many of us now, passing through a period of constant integration/recalibration, especially for the solitary ones, as I am, which has nothing to do with being lonely or feeling alone, it can be very challenging, so remember that you have to be your own caretakers, being strong to focus only in what is important among the many 3D distractions.

I know this phase is being a blessing for many of us, for we are finally seeing the seeds of years of constant assistance and inner work. However, it is also intense for the physical body and being grounded and compassionate towards ourselves and where we are, is vital to overcome whatever challenge we shall experience for our highest good and that of All.

I thank you all, precious souls, for your unique task within Creation. Remember beloveds, it is not about time, it was never about time, but about the intention and care we put into ourselves and what we do for All. We no longer feel bad for taking some time to integrate/dissolve or descend, for now we know what truly is important, and it is not precisely in being constantly acting but in BEing.

It is in being that you serve. It is in being that you dwell in possibility, in love, in light and in the bliss of simply existing and experiencing this unique moment within Creation. All will come when we are ready, we just need to surrender to the gift of every moment and appreciate all as something we will never experience again, for every second is unique.

As always, remain in the Illumined Presence, and Wisdom, of your God Self, Beloveds. The only true compassionate space from where you can regain strength, Divine Love and the remembrance of who you are and what you came here to do.

In love and light ∞

Natalia Alba



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  1. The more I read your exposition, the closer I feel to myself. It is an arduous task to know how to distinguish good from evil. It is a great help to have reading like this. It calls us to reflection. Thank you for sharing these teachings. A good Sunday.

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