Sun Enters Libra

Sun Enters Libra (September 22, 2018)

Bill Attride


Out of many, One

There is but One Spirit.
There is but One Life.
There is only One, formed into the many ones.

Your “Illusion of Existence” is formed by your serial progression through Worlds, Forms, and Lives that in each instance appear as separate and distinct from all that surrounds you. But you must understand that these particles of matter, these wondrous bodies that you require upon any mortal plane, are not what you are made of. They are merely what you have formed for yourself out of the one Substance, Spirit-Matter, which is the One Eternal Essence behind all these lesser forms.

Remember, you, and all of Creation, that you are Spirit and as all in this Creation from the most infinitesimal on up to the Planetary Systems and Galaxies and beyond, all of these Energy-Forms are the Living realization forged by the One, the Immortal spark of the Divine. The entire Universe, and you, are a precious part of the One Divine Life, and the illusion of existence is that you are separate from all of this, and that you must find some means of being made connected and whole within yourself and your world.

But this is your illusion, because you are always and forever whole within yourself as you are equally part of these greater fields and energies that surround you too. You are “whole”, you are a whole whose very existence is formed by ever more encompassing fields of Energy-Forms or Wholes that ultimately are experienced as the One, or God or Spirit.

You began your peregrinations in this Cosmic Cycle as an unself-conscious spark of the Divine, a precious Monad of Spirit who went spiraling out into the Cosmos to help form and become that very Cosmos, the living body of the One.

But, you must also remember this…you were not nor would you ever, (or could you ever) be alone. You went forth with countless “brothers and sisters”, a host of many hosts, countless sparks of the Divine, went forth to make this Universe. You and your companions, at this stage of your self-becoming, have journeyed forth to become a fully formed human, to become fully awakened humans by the end of this cosmic cycle.

Today you enter that most special space of Zodiacal Energy-Form, that sacred space that is at the core of your experience of being whole and equally being made by and being part of all these greater wholes too. Today you enter time of the Year that we celebrate the Space of Libra.

For no matter what your Sun Sign, there is some special part of you that is held in and formed by this Energy-Form of Libra. How could you not? For Libra is the Sign of Relationship, and you are most certainly “you”, a sparkling dewdrop of the One Living Spirit because of all these “relations” that are within and around you. You are indeed you precisely because you have been made by all the relationships of your past, present, and those in your future too.

Yes, you are most certainly made of and by one another. In life after life, you are forged and formed by all with whom you have direct and indirect relationships. You are formed by your parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, siblings and friends, classmates and colleagues, by all your loves in this and in countless former lives; yes, you are a host formed by many hosts who in so many small and greater ways help to bring forth and elicit the very special spark of the divine that is your “Quintessence”, the everlasting presence of you.

Yes, you move into what I call “Third Space” in the realm that is Libra. You are a whole unto yourself, you are a field of energy-forms, you are in fact your own little Cosmos, your own “space”. You encounter another, who is just like you, and they are a little Cosmos too. And now, the most precious and delicate and wondrous thing must happen, you together must form a space-field for your encounter, together you must create that Third Space that is your relationship.

You are each a whole, forming one another into a larger whole, a greater Cosmos wherein you will inform, and shape and elicit for one another the very “dance of spirit” that is the Song of Life, Love and Will. It is this Song of Spirit, this Chorus of Life that fills and forms all the spaces of Space. To meet the other and form this space of relationship requires you to reach deep within yourself and equally within them too. It is forged and founded by the essential truth of Spirit, a re-affirmation of what always was and will forever be, “we are all related”.

Here in the “sacred space of we” you meet “the other”, who is just like you. You look into the eyes of the one who is before you and you see it there, shining upon you from the window of their soul, and there in that light is “proof of eternity”, and you are humbled and joy-filled by that feeling, “I know this, I know who you are”.

We do not encounter strangers on Earth, for we have been doing this for a very, very long time. We have loved and lost, fought and made peace, struggled for and against, time and time again. We are all mixed up in one another, so that we can claim no ownership to any feeling, idea or truth. We are made of all these relationships, so that our true experience of consciousness is really from the We and not our limited I. We will meet again and again, so we say not goodbye but fare thee well until our next time…

We are who we are because of what we have been and done for and with one another. We will always be for one another the means of self-becoming, the instrument of awakening, of becoming fully human. We are here to be one for all, and All for One.

Always and forever, be kind to one another, and remember this:

You are here because of one another.
You are here because of Love.
You are here to Love and be Loved.
Just remember, remember who you are and
Love one another.


Bill Attride


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