The Path of OLD Souls

The Path of OLD Souls

Megan Mulligan
October 11, 2018

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The path of an old soul is weathered.

There are years and tears that stain the background of its being. Lifetimes of karma, mistakes, rights, wrongs, and unfulfilled wishes. There are victories too — families, loves, children, riches, met dreams, and esteem.

The old soul has seen it all. It has breathlessly faced each peak and valley from the triumph of time. It feels choice-less to a degree. The soul seems to just follow a lighted destiny toward the true north of its heart. Bound by freedom’s gaze, it plots on. Step by step. Moment by moment. Lifetime by lifetime.

Then there is the point in an old soul’s life when it wakes up. Truly awakens. To what is real. To the truth of what was, and always will be: its light. This is the aha moment we’ve all been waiting for. When the curtains part and our soul’s spotlight takes center stage.

The real awakening begins here as we step out from the pathway of our heart’s fire, illuminated by soul purpose.

Then all the past lifetimes makes sense. Every obstacle, every victory — it all becomes clear. Because they’ve created the tapestry of who we are. And who we get to be. By searching through the past, healing, and learning from these experiences, the necessary wisdom’s been gained.

The old soul then remembers it’s done it all before. Earth school is not new. It is the ongoing storyline of the past, perhaps forgotten by the mind but not by the heart. For pearls of wisdom from the fourth chakra continue to fuel each day’s landscape by subtle purpose design.

This is why old souls are so wise. They have centuries of information already downloaded into their cells, perhaps from the beginning of time. And in their soul-awakening, old souls tap into this recall.

The access points to this wisdom may be dusted by ego shadows, but an old soul knows that spiritual work bridges the gap. This is one reason old souls are here. To heal their wounds, help others, and ultimately assist the earth transition from a three-dimensional grid of disillusion to the fifth-dimension’s unity consciousness. A return to unconditional love.

It takes work. And although weary at times, the drumbeat of happy destiny and free-spirit goodness propel an old soul’s earth-dance. Lifetime after lifetime, decade after decade, until this final wake-up is reached.

Then, the old soul can relax.

For in the soul re-connection, its infinite wings expand across time and space. And subtle breath fills the energetic bliss that is God. This is where the magic is. The realm where the spotlight of truth resides. A return to love, light, and what is.

Then the magic re-appears. The divine mastery reveals its cards, and the old soul humbly sinks into its heart and the mystery that was carrying it all along. Each breath has more purpose, more gratitude, more light as the old soul lets go into the true pulse of life.

Megan Mulligan


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