Faces of Love (52)

ONE Love

I have asked myself so many times why so many people are running every day. In fact, I was also “running” to find something that was missing all the time from my life.

In my despair, I have studied, done a lot of qualifications, looked for a better job, and a lot of things around me. However, I was not happy, and giving that dissatisfaction/ negative energy into Universe, I was receiving it back with what was happening in my life – arguments, anger, sadness, sickness … Someday, many years ago, I felt that everything around me collapsed. I could not see what I have not done enough to get what was missing from my life. Then, I realized that it was time to do something else than I have done before. It was time to change myself, not the ones around me.

To change yourself is to do something you have not done before, something that your ego cannot control, for it is something that you feel deep within you. To change yourself is when you do not achieve others’ expectations, but yours, and in that way, you learn to love yourself.

I understood that the way we are educated is not the way we should be. I have been taught to be afraid, to be careful not to upset others, to listen, to be ashamed, I have been taught a lot of “must” things. 

All the time we take as good what others say or decide for us. We always do something to please someone – parents, spouse, children, boss … because they have experience, have studies, they are … somebody. We take as good what we are told in school, religion, society. Moreover, I am part of a generation fed with rules and regulations, and competition, with fear for every step we make in our life. Why that competition? Who are the ones who made the rules of the game? Who can be called the etalon of humanity?“ Actually,

“One of the greatest regrets in life is being what others would want you to be, rather than being yourself.”
Shannon L. Alder

I have not been taught to do what I “feel”, how I feel, because doing that means being isolated, punished, or even diagnosed as being “ill”. We have not been told/ taught to listen to the voice of our soul, to respect ourselves, to do what we like. When does the time come to pay attention to what we want for ourselves?

I have learned that the rules take place where the ego lives, and they do harm, hurt, lead to tears and pain. Instead, when you are driven by your soul, love in everything you do for everything and for all, there are no rules, laws, politics, because the soul does not need them, and does nothing to hurt. It only knows what is good, kind and beautiful. It knows joy, compassion, and happiness. I would say that it follows is just one rule and this is the “law of the Divine Order” – the unconditional love – love your neighbour as yourself. To love your neighbour you need self love, and self-love and love of your neighbour are the same LOVE.

Deciding that I have to change something, I started to see that I have my own truth, as everyone does, for none has rights above anyone. Everyone has his righteousness because each one has his own knowledge, experiences, wishes. I took step by step finding out why it hurts me what it does, to find the reason, the causes. As time passed, I accepted every negative emotion I found, as being part of me. 

On my way to regain my freedom, I gave up and/ or lost everything I once appreciated, studies, job, career, home, family, things and I thank everyone and everything for bringing me where I am today – a free human being who does and offers with pleasure what my soul leads me to. The joy that I live every moment now, deserves all the way because I learned to love myself. As Charlie Chaplin says:

“As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know, this is “AUTHENTICITY”.

No matter how far I would have run, I could not find the “missing” part of myself because it was within me all the time. Actually I found myself as I did not know I could. I have rediscovered myself as a self-worth being, as everyone else is. The journey is not an easy one, but it deserves every tear to get where I am now.

What can you do?

    • Stop looking for your value outside of yourself. 
    • The only person in charge of you and your worth is just you. 
    • Every solution/ answer you need is within you, in your soul. Look within you without fear, for the place where you have the greatest treasure – the true YOU –  is within YOU.
    • You are the one who has the key to live the life you want, to find out how much love has been put within you and offer it to the world.
    • Love YOURSELF, for The piece we believe that we lack and seek is self love.

Love yourself and love, for

LOVE is the part that was missing from our world!

one love.001.jpegPhoto credit: Pixabay

If we put together all our souls full of love, as they are, we have the full picture of what we all really are, 



With Love,


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