Are We Predetermined or Free? Is Anything Really “MEANT” to be a Certain Way?

Are We Predetermined or Free? Is Anything Really “MEANT” to be a Certain Way?

Free yourself from the prison of believing in “meant”.

Story Waters

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Discover the infinite freedom that lies in the realization that there is no choice you are “meant” to make in a certain way. There is nothing in your life you were “meant” to do because, if that were true, you would not be free. This is not to say there aren’t many things that your spirit imagined it may do in mortal-form, but do not extrapolate this to conclude that you are “meant” to do these things.

They are simply ideas that your spirit felt might be exciting to explore.

You are free to explore them in this lifetime, in another lifetime, or never; there is no “meant” to it — “meant” is a mental illusion.

ELABORATION: This is not to imply that it is wrong to think in terms of “meant” because— in being free — you are free to explore the experience of believing that things are meant to be a certain way. This can provide a direction to your life that is felt in a positive way, but this still doesn’t mean you were “meant” to live that way.

If you are insistent on thinking in terms of some “master plan for your life” that you are “meant” to follow, then first realize it can only ever be your personal master plan and, in each moment, that plan is being adapted through your life experience. Understand in this that you are the one adapting it.

To think of a predestined master plan is to want to believe there is some external force that has written a play in which you are acting. It is to not want to make your own choices, but to have a life that is pre-written for you, free of responsibility (which stems from judging the circumstances of your life in order to distance yourself from the idea you are creating them).

This is the desire to divorce the self from ownership of the feelings of the immediacy, the vibrancy, and the unpredictability of life due to a fear of change.

With the realization that nothing is “meant” to happen, there is no loss of purpose or drive except that which was fear-based. See that any cosmic plan you feel — even if it concerns the exploration of freedom of all life — is your own plan and, as the author, you can change it however you so desire.

The signature on the intention for your life (which you may call your blueprint or personal plan) is that of your eternal-spirit and, as YOU rewrite it, so you will re-sign it.

In this life you are here to be what you want to be.

If you must think in terms of an external “God”, then realize that the only plan God has for you is to realize, feel, and be whatever you want to be. As you explore yourself, you will discover your exploration of All That You Are is consciousness’s exploration of itself, and truth is no more and no less than being true to yourself.

If there is a “Will of God”, then it is for you to experience your own will, and to use it.

“I choose to acknowledge myself as being the author of my own life script, possessing the power to change it however I please.”

The understanding of how consciousness is free, and yet each mortal life carries within it an intention to be in mortal-form, can be a stumbling block for many on the path of coming to understand the wider nature of reality. This comes from a mental place of wanting to see the human experience as being either free or predetermined, rather than being open to a wider understanding that allows for both qualities to be present.

One way to think of this is that our intention for this life predetermines a certain emotional territory we will explore, but we are then free in how we explore it. For example, we may choose to explore the experience of addiction, but what form the addiction takes is something chosen from within the life. Or we may choose to explore becoming deeply identified with a rigid mindset, but what belief system that will be — whether religious or scientific — is chosen from within the life (not before you were born).

With this understanding of the intention for our embodied life, the logical mind can argue that if we are predisposed to explore a certain territory, then we are not truly free. However, this fails to recognize that the choice of territory was still made by you from within a state of freedom.

The next argument is that we are not free if we are limited in this life by choices we made before birth (which is perceived as “in the past”). However, even though your spirit creates the intention for your embodied life, it is not a choice made “in the past”, it is a choice you are making in each moment from a timeless state.

Being in mortal-form we perceive “before our birth” as the past, but that is an illusion. What we call “the past” is the present to our spirit, and any disparity between its decision and what you believe you would prefer can only ever be caused by perspectives you are unconscious of (which your spirit is aware of). This is the realization that no matter how much you may rage at the ways in which your life feels negatively predetermined, you are only ever raging from a point of lack of awareness (fear), rather than wider awareness (love). This does not make your feelings invalid or not valuable; it is an invitation to dive deeper into those feelings to come to a deeper understanding of them through which new realization arises.

So the key realization here is that the unfolding of your life is BOTH free AND predetermined, but the predetermined aspects of it were determined by your spirit and that is YOU. So…

Your entire life is created in freedom by you and yet, when you are within it, you will experience some elements of it as predetermined.

A part of coming to love yourself is coming to love the predetermined aspects through the knowing that you chose them from a state of love and freedom — the state in which your spirit exists.

Story Waters