You Are One Decision Away…

You Are One Decision Away…

Ann Litts

Photo by Scott Warman on Unsplash

Life can be full of toxins. People and situations which make you doubt yourself, your view, your feelings, your skills, your experiences. Random tricksters will show up in your life and cause you to shake your head in wonder. You will catch yourself saying, “What the fuck?” over and over.

Life can feel like a jig saw puzzle with pieces missing. You have no idea what the end result is supposed to look like, nothing fits, and all the colors blend together. It’s hard as fuck to know which way to turn when you can’t make sense of your Now. Chaos seems to rule the day.

Until you step back. You mange to listen to that voice — not the chaos — and you make one decision. And it changes everything. Every. Single. Fucking. Thing.

You walk away from a relationship which wasn’t serving you. You find a different job. You go back to school. You start a new career. You move to the place which brings you peace. You clean a drawer, you clean a closet, you clean a cellar, you clean a house, you clean a life time of clutter out of your world.

It matters not what the decision is, it only matters that a decision was made. Change followed. Life was renewed. Just one change.

Last week I changed careers within nursing. I’m starting all over from scratch. But I found peace. Amazing amounts of peace. I let go of all the stress, the toxic relationships, the physical demands, and the emotional roller coaster which was my former position. It was brutally hard to walk away because I loved the work and the people I did it with.

But I made one decision.

And in turn The Universe showed me a path to peace, kindness, and compassion I hardly knew could exist. My life is already a thousand times better from making that one decision.

When you hear — “What the fuck?” in your mind over and over — listen closely to it. That voice is your intuition. She’s telling you it’s time to decide. Step up! Take a look around and decide!

Here’s to life! Here’s to fresh starts! Here’s to making one fucking decision that changes everything! Here’s to us!


Ann Litts


7 thoughts on “You Are One Decision Away…

  1. Thank you for this post. It resonated with me this morning. I find myself in a toxic relationship as well as environment. I can’t change my environment (family) but I sure as hell can change my relationship. I’m going to Re-read this over and over the next few days until i find the courage and strength To do the right thing and walk away. Thank you

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    1. You are more than welcome! I know from my experience that it is not easy to walk away from a relationship, but also is not impossible … 🙂 I wish you all the Best with any decision you make! Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts and feelings here!

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