YOUR Roadmap by Element (Fire, Air, Earth, & Water)

SCORPIO Sun – YOUR Roadmap by Element (Fire, Air, Earth, & Water)

Christine Beswick
October 21, 2018

Scorpio season has a tendency to freak a lot of people out. Poor Scorpio. But what many people don’t know is that Scorpio is as intensely good as they are intensely… jealous and stubborn. The Scorpio themes that so many people shy away from are a marriage of their Fixed sign nature, and their Water sign nature. Fixed signs are obsessively loyal to their opinions and people. Water signs are deeply emotional. So if you are struggling with a Scorpio in your life, understanding those two qualities is half the battle. Now as the Sun enters Scorpio, the Sun shines a light on this intensity, and many zodiac signs don’t know how to handle it.

It’s all about the elements, baby. Here’s your roadmap to handling all of this Scorpio love.

Air Signs – Get Out of Your Head

Air signs are the least compatible element of the zodiac when it comes to the Water signs, and especially Scorpio. Scorpio, as the Fixed sign of the Water signs, leads with their heart, Air signs lead with their heads. Neither of those two elements understands why the other won’t change, and Scorpio, especially as a Fixed sign, is resistant to change. Yes, there will be conflict!

As the Sun enters Scorpio, it’s a lesson for all Air signs. When the Sun is in your sign, Scorpio will learn the test of being flexible and resilient for you. But with the Sun in Scorpio, now it’s your turn to see and feel things Scorpio way.

Gemini likes to chat, Scorpio likes to observe. This bores Gemini easily and quickly. Scorpio and Libra can get along, as Libra is all about harmony, and so is Scorpio. It’s important for both of these signs to find that common ground in any and all conflict. Peace at all costs. It’s easier for Libra to see this when Sun enters Scorpio.

Scorpio and Aquarius have their Fixed sign nature in common, so they are both loyal and committed to their beliefs and values. But in conversation, Aquarius thinks things through and is not as interested in feelings. Scorpio is the opposite. Both of these signs need to work on finding the middle road there.

Air signs that want to get through Scorpio season need to do the following, in this order:

  • Feel before you think.
  • Think before you speak.
  • End all conversations and/or conflict on a loving note.

Fire Signs – Think Steam, Not Extinguishing

There’s an old saying in astrological compatibility that says water extinguishes fire, and this is bad news for Fire sign and Water sign compatibility. This isn’t necessarily true all the time. It certainly CAN be, but it doesn’t have to be.

Another outcome that happens when Fire meets Water is steam! Things can get pretty steamy between Fire signs and Water signs! The key to finding that steamy connection, or any steamy reaction, is ensuring you have just the right amounts of Fire and Water. Figuring this out is the key to Fire signs and Water signs getting along.

Aries likes to lead and be the boss of everything, Scorpio resists this. Leo loves to have fun and isn’t so quick to settle down. Scorpio doesn’t like that either, but Scorpio loves how loyal Leo is and has a friend in Leo for life. Sagittarius is a free spirit, and Scorpio likes to see commitment. This is true in work, life, or love. Getting a solid answer from a Fire sign is often a struggle for Water sign Scorpio.

With the Sun in Scorpio, it’s time for the Fire signs to be the compromisers. For Fire signs to get through Scorpio season successfully, they need to do the following:

  • Bring security to the table – Scorpio needs that, and Sagittarius will have the biggest problem with that.
  • Follow Scorpio’s lead. Aries will struggle with this the most but will learn a lot about compatibility if they let Scorpio run the show, for now until it’s Aries season.
  • Be flexible with stubbornness. This is just something that Fixed signs can’t shake because they’re, well, fixed. Leo is going to find this the biggest challenge. It’s time for Leo to not worry so much about fun, and just meet Scorpio halfway when it comes to that commitment. Just talk about it. All Fire signs can take this lead.

Water Signs – Feel the Love

Water signs “get” Scorpio. Because the things that give Scorpio their bad rap are managed by all Water signs. Fellow Water signs Cancer and Pisces also lead with their heart. All of these signs understand why Scorpio is so passionate and sensitive, and sometimes overly emotional. But these signs are the same way, and sometimes when you mix it all up, the emotions run high, and that can get ugly really fast.

The key for all Water signs in Scorpio season is to lead with love, feel the love, and be happy in love. Whether you are leading with love at work or in play. Lead with your heart. Feel your way through all situations. This is true whether you are dealing with Scorpio or not. In Scorpio season, feel the love when you are with a Fire sign, an Earth sign, or an Air sign. ALL zodiac signs are feeling it.

So the only roadmap that Water signs need in Scorpio season is to do what you know. Stick with how you normally roll, leading with love. That does not mean leading with emotions. Cancer gets a little crabby and needs to win every argument, Pisces will retreat to their cave when there is conflict. Scorpio takes it head-on. Here’s the way to handle any zodiac sign and all situations in Scorpio season.

  • Lead with love and positive emotions. But, this does not mean making sure what you love is the only thing you should focus on – yes, we’re talking about you, Cancer. Do not let drama take over. Be positive with your emotions in all dealings.
  • Follow your intuition. It’s always right.
  • If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. Give all relevant parties in a situation their space, and come back to it when the emotions have cooled off.

Earth Signs – Planting Seeds

Of all the zodiac signs, Water signs, and especially Scorpio, are very compatible with Earth signs. That’s because Scorpio is ready to commit, either at work or in love, and this is exactly what Earth signs CapricornTaurus, and Virgo like to hear. Scorpio is loyal to the end, and Earth signs are the long-runners of the zodiac. Water nurtures soil and plants in gardens, and in astrology as well. So Earth signs are enjoying this emotionally rich Scorpio season and need to use this energy to feed their own plants.

Earth signs can start using their emotions to plant seeds of love in their life right now while the Sun enters Scorpio. Every plant needs Earth, Water, and the Sun. In Scorpio season, Earth signs have all of these things. Where Earth signs may falter is in their stick-to-it-ness in money and work matters. Sometimes Scorpio just wants to love.

This is where Earth signs need to focus more when it comes to faring well in Scorpio season. Here’s how to plant seeds that will blossom into blessings in Scorpio season.

  • Be prepared: Just like every plant needs the Earth prepared, Earth signs need to bring a prepared foundation in all things in Scorpio season. This is true whether you are dealing with a Scorpio, or dealing with a life situation in Scorpio season. Get the Earth ready, bring a solid foundation to all scenarios.
  • Plant the seed, with love. You don’t need to build Rome in Scorpio season. You just need to plant the seeds. Plan well before you do it, and the Fixed nature of Scorpio will help you stick to it until the blossom arrives.
  • Water, water, water. Earth signs do have compatible emotions with Scorpio, but Scorpio energy needs to be nurtured to thrive. And Earth signs need to nurture emotions in Scorpio season to thrive, in any situation. Water those seeds you planted!

Concluding Thoughts…

When the Sun enters Scorpio, emotions will be high for all zodiac signs. That is your biggest tool for your roadmap with the Scorpio Sun. Lead with your emotions, but make them positive ones. This is true whether you are interacting with a Scorpio or in a high conflict situation with any zodiac sign. When you lead with positive love in any situation, it immediately becomes diffused. And that’s why everybody loves Scorpio so darn much, even if they get a bit intense sometimes.

Christine Beswick