LOVE Sizzles when Fire Meets Water

Mars in Pisces LOVE Horoscopes – LOVE Sizzles when Fire Meets Water

Christine Beswick
November 11, 2018

Hello Earthlings! Are you ready to see some change on the love horizon? The Universe has left us with some pretty heavy transits of late, and the remainder of the year is now in full swing. We have a lot of things to do, and may not feel like we have the energy to do so. But our drive and action are in full play. With the holidays and the end of the calendar year on our minds, our hearts are also on our sleeves for the next little while. We all want love around us during the holiday season, and this year the Universe is giving us a little bit of extra help when Mars enters Pisces. This is the fiery passion planet entering the romantic Water sign of Pisces. And you know what happens when fire meets water. Things get steamy! So let’s have a look at your love horoscopes for the remainder of the calendar year.

Themes When Mars Enters Pisces

When Mars enters Pisces, we have the fire planet that rules our passions, drive, and ambition, entering the Mutable sign of the Water signs, Pisces. This can be a bit of an odd placement for some. Mars is high energy and quick moving; Pisces is anything but. Pisces is emotional, but in a flexible way. But because Pisces rules the twelfth house, Pisces is also a bit reclusive, and this combination of emotional and spiritual energy makes Pisceans good creators, romancers, and emotional and spiritual shoulders.

Zodiac signs with faster moving energy don’t really like Mars in Pisces, because Pisces has a tendency to slow Mars energy down a little bit. But this is what happens when fire meets ice. Things can get super steamy! Focus in love may be a little more difficult for those that don’t lean toward the emotional side of life.

Water signs and Earth signs are really going to appreciate this energy. Air signs may struggle with it. Fire signs are going to love it, but they may experience a moment of confusion or two. They want to go, go, go, but have to stop and feel their way through it for a bit.

Pisces rules the twelfth house which is all about karma, destiny, and your higher-level spirituality. Intentions matter now more than ever. So when Mars enters Pisces on November 15 and works his magic here until January 1, 2019, things slow down a bit for all zodiac signs, but in a very creative, and magical way. This is drive and fire meeting romance. That’s how this transit is going to attract magic into your love life! When you think about Mars in Pisces, think about famous celebrities that have this transit in their natal chart, like Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Hanks, and Vincent Van Gogh. Va va voom! This sexy, sultry, steamy, creative energy flow is what you are going to see in your love life. So let’s have a look at those love horoscopes when Mars enters Pisces and sticks around here for the remainder of the year.

Aries – Twelfth House

Mars in the twelfth house is a difficult placement for Aries. This is your ruler finding itself in the depths of the darkest cave. Although this can be a very romantic placement for you, the romance in love is going to be on another level. You may not even feel up for romance, Aries, regardless of your current relationship status. There are a lot of secrets going on, and your challenges in love are going to be underneath the surface. They will be things you can’t see and this is going to rile you up a bit. You have a tendency to want to keep secrets, but not reveal them. You have to overcome this to succeed in all areas, especially love, when your ruler is in the twelfth house. Work for others in service and you work out some good karma for yourself. Good intentions matter now, more than ever, Aries. They need to be real, not an intention that you decide is good just because it will serve you.

Taurus – Eleventh House

You have Mars in your eleventh house of groups and friendships through the end of the year, Taurus. That means that the social scene is going to be very important for you when it comes to your love life. This is true whether you are single or attached! Your passion and drive is going to go into succeeding by connecting to humanity at large. Community is very important to you. Volunteering and serving others with that Mars drive and Pisces love will be good for your love life. You may meet someone new if you are single, or, connect in a deeper level with your lover if you volunteer and serve others together. Karma is everything now.

Gemini – Tenth House

You have Mars in the tenth house, which is your house of career destiny, reputation, and of authority figures, Gemini. This isn’t the best placement for your relationship goals. But you will persevere. Generally, this house deals with facts and figures, but Pisces is slowing this energy down a little bit in a more romantic way. Your challenge in love under this transit may be that you work a little too much, without focusing as much on the love that is there around you if you are looking for it. Compassion is key here is the message from Pisces, and Mars is really pushing you to find it. You have to find a way to balance this and you will succeed in love. Remember that your image is in play here, and, karma is everything.

Cancer – Ninth House

Mars is in your ninth house of foreign affairs and Big Picture matters, Cancer. This is an interesting and exciting placement for your love matters, regardless of your relationship status. You are thinking of long-term goals, and you are thinking of the Big Picture. It really is almost as if you are looking at your goals from the outside in, and thinking about the most important aspects of your relationship goals right now. Travel is favored, expanding your mind and researching issues that will help love is also favored. Spiritual retreats that allow you to see your Higher Self could improve your existing relationship, or get you closer to your true love. You have the fire to do this now! That is Mars. And Pisces is allowing you to lead with your heart through this fiery energy. You’ll find a way to balance this, and when you do that with the purest of intentions, you win in love. Your fellow Water Sign Pisces has your back!

Leo – Eighth House

With Mars in your eighth house of transformations, you are entering a period where your love life is about to undergo a complete regeneration. Leo, you are in rebirth mode, and you are rising from the ashes. This is a very sexual house as well with sexual matters going deep, so deep, but spiritually. At the same time, karmic issues are coming into play, and you are correcting them and undergoing a complete turnaround in love. Secrets, the taboo, and hidden matters are all coming to the surface. Mars is inspiring you to bring those passions to the surface in a fiery way, and the Pisces energy is allowing you to engage some romance in a deeply spiritual way. No matter what your relationship status is now, Leo, you are giving it a complete rebirth, and you will love every second.

Virgo – Seventh House

Mars in the seventh house of long-term love should bode well for your relationships, Virgo, if you are able to manage engaging balance and harmony in love. Mars can be fiery and there is a lot of passion going on here to be sure. But it’s possible you will have the tendency to blow up over the little things. Fights are definitely possible in love now, but you will feel them deeply with Pisces energy. As good as the fights are, so too will the makeup sessions, so expect a LOT of energy in love over the next few weeks. Finding that balance, being willing to compromise, and establishing harmony is the way to get through this transit with an even stronger relationship. And if you are single, you want to look for love with this same balance. Don’t go into love expecting to have the upper hand or engage in a power play, as you may lose. Love is not a battlefield right now – quite the opposite. That is how you will win under this transit.

Libra – Sixth House

Mars in your sixth house of work and details is more a work-oriented placement than a love one, Libra, but you can find the way to bring fire and ice into love by focusing on the details. This house rules house and pets as well, so pets may be a good way to improve some relationships. Maybe a new pet for Christmas? Or sharing health matters with a partner will improve some balance. But this house is also all about the little things. Pursuing those little tiny details that matter in relationships will matter. Do the dishes for your partner and this could be the most romantic thing in the world for them. Or, if you are single, focus on those little details that will make you stand out in a crowd. A bright poppy-coloured hat or scarf at that next event will catch someone’s eye, and it could be your true love!

Scorpio – Fifth House

Mars in your fifth house of pleasures and entertainment is going to be a very exciting placement for you, Scorpio. Your love life is going to take on some passion and also some deep romance. This is the house of love that deals with those pleasure filled moments in love. You may not be thinking long-term right now, and that’s okay. Just focus on the now. Obsess about it. When you do, what you are working through in love may well turn into that true love. Don’t obsess about the big picture now, just enjoy the moment, whether you are single or attached.

Sagittarius – Fourth House

With Mars in your fourth house of roots and foundations, the home matters matter when it comes to your love life, Sagittarius. You have a lot of energy on the home front. Attached Sagittarius may be thinking about a renovation project with their partner, a relocation or real estate. Single Sagittarius may be thinking about moving in with a partner or potential partner, or prettying up the house for the single lovers that are on the way. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your home, and how that merges with your love life. You may move for a long distance relationship for example, but when you merge home and life you are going to find a deeply compassionate bond in love under this transit, Sagittarius. Follow this compassion, and you find love.

Capricorn – Third House

Mars is in your third house of communication, Capricorn, and this brings some fire and passion into your communication matters. This is going to be a very hot experience in love, Cap! Use your feelings words! You aren’t going to need a little nudge here, as Mars is giving you all of the energy you need to say what you want, and mean what you say. There could be some restlessness here. You’re not the type to sit by the phone and wait for that call. You’re going to be staring at your phone a lot under this transit, but don’t. Just pick it up and make that move. You are social and lively enough to go after what you want, but Pisces energy is really wanting you to slow down that restlessness, and follow the love, and the love only. This is true whether you are single or attached. Communicate and spread information with love, and magical romantic things happen.

Aquarius – Second House

You have Mars in your second house of earned income and gifts and talents, Aquarius, and so you may be thinking more of money matters than love. That will be the Mars influence. But you still have the Pisces energy inspiring you to use that money you earn in a loving and compassionate way. Maybe sharing the earnings that are flowing right now is the way to win in love. But at the same time, this house is giving you the self-confidence that you need to win in love. Your self-esteem is at an all-time high right now, Aquarius. That is really going to help you win in love whether you are single or attached. Follow the drive that Mars is sending you to pursue great things in life. Then Pisces will help you bring compassion into life in a romantic way that helps you to find love. It’s all about following that drive, baby, whether you are single or attached. You’re awesome and you know it, and when you tap into that personal power, the magic happens.

Pisces – First House

You have a tendency to just let love come to you, Pisces, but with Mars in the first house, you are going to be taking ownership of love. This is your house of Self and Mars is going to be giving you the drive that you need to be the captain of your fate when it comes to love. You are ready to take charge, whether you are single or attached. This is wonderful, as you are taking the lead on some exciting new beginnings in love. At the same time, this could become a combative situation as Mars does like to fight. So just don’t overdo it. Fuel that energy into an aggressive passion that wins, but doesn’t need a big war to do so. You can lead and still love without a fight, Pisces. When you do that in love over the next few weeks, you will see that you become the winner. Your partner will too!

Christine Beswick