Ann Litts

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I had always considered myself to be a close to the vest private sort of person. I have a bit of a jaded past which makes trust issues a major obstacle for me.

Or at least that was the story I told myself. Until recently when someone pointed out the way I actually arranged my life.

I live my life with an underlying theme of “it’s going to be alright because She has this” flowing through everything I experience. I might take common-sense precautions — however for the most part — I trust The Universe completely.

I don’t need to be overly concerned about trusting individuals or situations because The Universe has the bigger picture.


I can travel, alone, to where ever I chose, whenever I chose — safely.

I can go out to where ever I chose, whenever I chose — safely.

I can relax and be myself because the people who are meant to be in my life — will stick by me no matter what and the ones who aren’t will leave and I will be better off without them.

I will never be without what I need — financially, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

I am never alone.

If The World as I know it ends tomorrow — She still has me as we go on to The Next Thing for I am made of Stardust — not of this world at all.

I have survived grief, physical pain, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, anxiety, and fear. I trust I will survive whatever may come because She is with me. Always.

Is it so much Trust or is it Faith? Is there a difference?

Does it matter?


Ann Litts


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