Faces of Love (109)

Born an Original

I always say, as no two snowflakes are alike, as no two individuals are alike. 

Everything and everybody in this world is born an original. You can see that very well looking at children. They usually ask and do what they wish, for they believe in themselves and can look at others through their own eyes. 

Usually you become a copy for you look at others through their eyes, expecting everybody to be the same, to be … copies.

Being an original you do not care about others’ opinion of appreciating yourself and your work, for you are appreciated by yourself. 

Does somebody else know better than you what you want, what or how you feel? Nobody! You are the only one, for you are your masterpiece and a masterpiece cannot be a copy, but an original.

How to keep being an original?

Look at yourself through your eyes!

Do & say what you believe in, without expectations from others.

Do the things you would like to do, being yourself without restrictions!

Think at yourself as a flower having everything it needs to blossom.

Follow your own dreams, for you will be the only one regretting what you have not done!

“You were born an original. Don’t die a copy.” – John Mason

be original.001PHOTO CREDIT: PIXABAY

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