The Love Letter

The Love Letter

Ann Litts
Dec 13

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

It had been a very long time since one had appeared in My Life.

Quiet, short, missives — they were usually just a few sentences here or there. Tucked into a greeting card or attached to a gift — the occasional bouquet of flowers.

A declaration of facts sort of affair — “Dear Ann — you know that I love you — I’ve mentioned it before — here it is in writing. The End.” No further elaboration.

They were sniffs of Love. Appetizers. Hints of Something Perhaps More. The Thing which keeps women coming back and hoping beyond hope there is The Real Feeling behind the words.

One hopes he is just poor at expressing himself, or that perhaps writing just isn’t his thing. One hopes the issue is in the communicating of The Love — not the lack thereof.

In the end — because in most all of the cases — there is an end. Love cannot survive on appetizers. Love hungers for full meals of multiple courses — deserts and cocktails. With sips of warm Irish coffee by the glow of a fire. Love demands All Good Things be served to Her. Or nothing at all.

So you go without rather than take the crumbs.

Until the day He comes into Your Life. He who understands how to feed Love. He who gives your heart a daily smorgasbord. He who sees to it your cup over flows with whatever the drink of your choice…tea, wine, tequila, Irish coffee — Joy — My Love? Served up just the way you like it best.

You feel your heart swell with an unknown sensation until it seems as if She can hold no more.

But there is more.

There is the day of The Love Letter arrives. A most beautiful expression of his deepest feelings for you. Clearly stated in no uncertain terms, no half-hearted pronouncements, no cliched verse. He is yours. You are his. This which you are building — you are building together. And he damn well intends to be there for every brick of it. His Love for your being, His Gratitude to the Fates who brought you together, His Joy at your very existence — it is all there.

He explains that YOU are the Gift in His Life.

The contrast between what was and what is could not be more stark.

This time you know — Love has arrived. Real Love. Love which feeds your soul. Love which holds your body. Love which lifts your spirit. Love which sees you — all of you. Love which intends to stay.


Ann Litts