Faces of Love (114)

Life is Fair

I often hear the expression “life is not fair”.

Why? Is it because you do not know exactly the person to be blamed for whatever happens to you? Because you do not have what you dream of? 

Life is always fair, for

We all are created in the same way and all are born to live our life, and all die.

Life does not take from you what you cannot live without.

It does not give you more than you should carry.

It gives you exactly what you need, at the right moment and the right place.

It gives you opportunities and you should use them.

It mirrors what you have inside you, so blaming others you blame yourself.

You should always be grateful for whatever you have.

What about you being fair to YOURSELF?

Your life is always fair, and you can be fair to yourself!


be fair to yourself.001Photo credit: Pixabay

With all my Love,


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