Faces of Love (115)


Your home is not just a place filled with persons and things you love. 

Your home is the place where you really have that feeling of belonging and I am not talking about things belonging to you, for they come and go. I am talking about that space where that special feeling of peace and joy is born and keep being alive as long as you are alive. It is a feeling that cannot be explained by words, for they can never substitute your feelings.

It is a place where you add lots of dreams thinking how beautiful they could be/ are in your outside reality.

It is a place where all your love and joy for your dear ones, for everything and everyone is born.

It is a space that you always carry it with you. 

Home is wherever you are, for your real home is your soul, a place where you feel  … at home.

real home.001Photo credit: Pixabay

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