A little bit of Heaven (52)

Ochiul Beiului Lake

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The Bey’s Eye Lake (Ochiul Beiului Lake) is located in Bei Valley, after Vaioaga Waterfall.

It is one of the most beautiful natural lakes and most popular tourist attractions in Romania. Its water is so clear that tourists can see the trout swimming in.

The lake is well known for its turquoise colour, for not freezing in the winter and also for its legend. It is said that hundreds of years ago the son of a bey fell in love with a shepherd’s daughter. The bey disapproved that and ordered the girl to be killed. His son cried so much that this lake emerged from his tears, it also being the spot where he decided to end his life.

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    1. Ai atât de multă dreptate! Pentru mine, fiecare părticică din țara asta e un colț de paradis!
      Mulțumesc din suflet pentru vizită și urare!
      Un An Nou presărat cu bucurii și împliniri alături de cei dragi!

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