New Year’s Resolve

January SOUL Note – New Year’s Resolve

Patti Tucker
January 04, 2019

Hello, Astrology Answers family! Welcome to the first Soul Note of 2019!

I look forward to January 1st more than any other time of year.

January overflows with opportunity. It is the first month of a New Year, which typically indicates a new beginning. For some, this can be motivational, perhaps even inspirational – but for the majority of us, it can cause overwhelm and frustration with the realization that the previous year’s goals weren’t met. Simply put, a New Year can be a time of joy or it can be a time of sorrow. If we tend to be optimistic and have faith in the unfolding of life, we meet a new year with enthusiasm and joy. On the other hand, if we lean towards pessimism and resistance, we tend to dread the year to come and, as a result, bring that same emotional energy into it.

It is my ritual on January 1st to arise with the Sun and brew my beverage of choice, a steaming cup of coffee. I take out my journal, sit in quiet contemplation, and reflect over the previous year in an effort to create my intention for the upcoming year.

2018 will be a tough one to say goodbye to. To say it was lofty would be putting it mildly; the light shone in all the right places and it set the benchmark for 2019. As I sit and look back at the highlight reel of 2018, I am determined to come up with an intention that will allow me to surpass 2018.

I am a firm believer of setting intentions. We set an intention to carve a path towards a desired outcome. Setting an intention allows us to grab hold of that singular motivation in the present moment. By shifting our focus to our intention, we don’t allow random thoughts and core beliefs to manifest our outcome. Instead, we take the steering wheel and determine which direction we are heading in. “Where intention goes, energy flows.”

Instantly, I bring to mind the many people I spiritually coach who are lost and suffering and hope to one day experience peace and happiness in their lives.

In answer to their questions, I often turn to the simplest yet most profound teaching of all time. We must love ourselves first. It is by far the greatest gift we can give ourselves. You cannot give away what you don’t have.

Easier said than done, I agree. But we must start somewhere, so we take baby steps. Self-love and self-care go hand in hand, and I assure you, when made a daily practice, it will have the greatest impact on your life. Not only will you find the truest form of love, this love will spill over into all areas of your life.

Maybe this year your intention will be to fall madly and deeply in love with… YOU?

Don’t wait for someone to lift you up,
Lift yourself up and feel how light you are.

Don’t wait for someone to make you laugh,
Look up at the sky and smile.

Don’t wait for someone to cook you dinner,
Make something delicious that warms your heart.

Don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers,
Decorate the walls of your soul with bright colours.

Don’t wait for someone to shower you with love,
Hop in the shower and sing love songs
At the top of your lungs.

Don’t wait for someone to ask you out on a date,
Go for a walk and give gratitude for each step along the way.

Don’t wait for someone to tell you how beautiful you are,
Look into the mirror and discover your inner beauty,
Untouched, unseen…

Don’t wait for someone to say “I love you,”
Love yourself and listen as the Universe whispers,

I told you so!

May you set the intention to love yourself first and watch how the Universe falls into place around you. Happy New Year!

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Patti Tucker