Faces of Love (139)


“Once upon a time there was …” is how all stories should begin. 

It could be your story, as it could be everyone else’s story, for You do not have to be a prince or princess to have your own story. At your birth, you start writing your own story. Everyone else coming into your life or leaving it, are the characters of your own story, as you are a character of somebody else’s story.

Everyone’s story is important, for every story carries its own truth, and all together carry the same big one: we all are born in a human mortal body and leave it behind us when leaving this world. We all are born to live this life and leave it at an unknown time. The most important is what and how we write our story, in between.

You are the narrator and the actor. You are the storyteller and the protagonist, and your story becomes part of the heritage of mankind, for Your story is written with the ink of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and either positive or negative, they all impact the characters of your story, as theirs affect you.  

Your story has its purpose and path, shaping this world, for

YOU are your story Creator!

your story.001Photo credit: Pixabay

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