You Will Know You Are Enlightened When…

You Will Know You Are Enlightened When…

The incredible journey of coming to love unconsciousness.

Story Waters

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The enlightenment process is simple to explain, and yet it takes many lives to master. In today’s article, we will start with the main premise of my teaching — that we are eternal-consciousness in human form — and explore this through the understanding we are therefore each in a state of partial consciousness of All That We Are.

In this, it is discovered that the flow of experience — that we call awakening — which leads us from not-knowing to knowing (unconsciousness to consciousness) is a powerful force through which we direct our experience.

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To “be awakened” is to know that you — along with everything else in existence — are an expression of infinite, eternal-consciousness. This is to realize that anything you experience as “not being awake” — whether that be inside of yourself or in another person — only exists because you have chosen to make a part of your infinite knowing unconscious.

This forgetting / creation of unconsciousness is what not only allows us as eternal-consciousness to take on human form — it is the mechanism that defines the human experience. Each of us, as infinite, whole, unified, and complete beings, are choosing to experience ourselves as “less than that” such that we can create new experiences of becoming “complete again” through the process we call awakening.

We tend to resist this idea because of how it essentially means that we — as eternal-consciousness — willingly choose to limit / cripple ourselves so we can have the experience of returning from that state of limitation. This is because when we push our infinite knowing into unconsciousness, it takes us from feeling complete and whole to feeling incomplete and lacking. To understand why we would choose to do this is to recognize that…

Feeling incomplete and lacking gives our lives an incredible sense of passion, meaning, and direction.

This highlights how we project our feeling of bliss onto spirit. We do this through our belief that the non-physical state of consciousness we return to between lives is filled with all the positive qualities we experience; such as passion, meaning, drive, and direction. These are, however, all qualities that do not exist — in a way we would recognize — within the wider reality. This is because they are a product of unconsciousness leading us to feel that something is lacking within us that we need to address.

In terms of being human, to be whole, complete, and unified is to be without direction, as we feel the greatest sense of flow in our drive to experience ourselves as whole. This is something that everyone experiences; it is only in spiritual circles that we call this process awakening.

Our human journey towards spiritual wholeness is a path of great joy (even though it includes many challenges of transforming our fears). It is not a path to correct a mistake, nor does it even lead to a destination. This is because where you arrive when you become whole is where you started the journey (by choosing to enter into a state of unconsciousness). This means there is nothing at the destination that any of us want…

What we want is the JOURNEY of remembering that we are already whole.

We want the REMEMBERING of wholeness — which is a journey — more than the actual experience of wholeness.

The goal of any life is therefore not “to be awake” — which is to be complete again — because that state of consciousness already exists. The purpose of life is to meet the naturally unfolding journey back to completeness with an openness that allows your experience of what a self can be to evolve.

I want to highlight here just how fearless our spirit is to allow itself to enter into the state of unconsciousness we call “being human”. Your spirit is not afraid to break itself down and recreate itself eternally. It takes a great sense of security — that arises through knowing yourself — to be able to do this.

To follow the teaching of “know thyself” is to know and embody the fearlessness of your own wider state of consciousness by allowing yourself to be fluid and ever-changing. This is where the infinite potential of ‘what we can be’ is met. This is our freedom.

To awaken is to begin a fresh version of the human experience created through a completely new level of meaning. This is to perceive your sense of self anew, which is to create your self anew. This will not “solve your life”, but it does allow you to disengage from experiences of suffering created by mental dilemma.

When you awaken, the outer definition of the world will continue unchanged, but how you interpret that definition will change radically.

This is to derive an entirely new human experience whilst still within the shared reality. And this is why a part of awakening involves coming to peace with the unconsciousness of this world. This is the reflection of you coming to peace with your own unconsciousness — which starts with recognizing that it must exist even though you cannot see it.

There is a beautiful paradox here, because while part of the awakening journey is about becoming conscious where you were once unconscious, it also involves the journey of accepting your own unconsciousness.

You must accept your unconsciousness to resolve the dilemmas caused by your unconsciousness.

This is to see that “to awaken” is to know that all shared realities are no more — and no less — the choice to share unconsciousness in such a way that experiences of meaning and direction can be shared. This is to stand in recognition of the value and beauty of unconsciousness, instead of experiencing it as a negative force of harmful ignorance.

You will know when you have awakened because you will see the unconsciousness of the world with love. You will see that all are simply seeking to know their own wider, infinite state of consciousness — their self.And that is to say…

You will know you are enlightened when you see everything in the world as originating from your love of the human experience.

Story Waters


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