Faces of Love (198)

Be thankful for All you have!

Any time I want to relax, I read a book or watch a movie, actually what I see as a good movie for myself 🙂 and try to look for the lessons of that.

I am not interested in writing a movie review now, but sharing with you a beautiful movie that highlights what fostering is for some kids, what it has become in a world led by money and the idea that all people have a big heart. You only have to follow yours.

Be thankful for all you have!

Believe in yourself and great things will come!

Dream Big!

We All are the same!

Love is everywhere!

They are all lessons “Annie” (2014) movie teaches you. All the characters are great, especially the little girl who plays Annie.

Love the movie and it is great for the family!

Watch the trailer:

With all my Love,


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