Faces of Love (199)

There is One God

“There is one God of this city and it is money” states a character in “Bilal” movie.

I love watching cartoon movies :), and “Bilal” is a wonderful one with a great message to humanity about the power we all have within.

In my opinion, the words above, reflect the big truth of the society we live in. Everything that Mother Earth gives us, has been transformed in a way of making money, a way of feeding greed … It is like humanity is going to eat, drink and breath … money.

On the other side, there are so many religions and every single one states that it is the right one, and God is the best One. Are we not created in the same way? Each of us has within that Divine sparkle, and we are not separate from it, we are not like oil and water, we all are the same, we all are souls in human bodies.

No matter what religion or what God you believe in, as I said we all are the same and may understand and respect each other. Why should I have a problem that you say “God” or “Allah”? Why should you punish me for I do not respect the days you consider being holly and vice versa? The real love does not know boundaries, does not have special days to exist and does not need a special religion for it is religion itself  – the religion of the Unconditional Love and is special every single day … 

Have you ever thought about how many kings and leaders having “power” have changed “the bible” to work as they want to? To be easier for them to punish and keep people under terror, in fear? Have you ever asked if everything stated in the bible is true? That there are places that have not even existed at that time and have been invented for the same reason – the one of fear and manipulation? Actually, when people are afraid of something, they do not question it, for they are afraid of being punished, rejected, judged, and punishment means a way leading to death.

For me, God cannot be money, for it does not plant trees, does not clean water and air, but people do. Also, a real God does not love men more than women, does not love priests and government more than the rest, does not see a better nation to the detriment of others, does not punish anybody, but it loves unconditionally All. There is enough space and everything is enough for us all. We are the ones who think that some of us are chosen and others not, some are better than others, some are saints while others are sinners … 

We all are visitors on this planet, and nobody is better or worthy than the rest.

For me, there is one God, and it is not money. Money comes and go, but what you have inside you, your soul, the love you are is forever …

There is One God and that is LOVE for All!


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