Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood


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Everyone has heard the story Little Red Riding Hood, but no one knows what symbolism is trying to say.  Everyone tries to say it has to do with natural cycles, puberty rites, erotic or romantic, and I have even seen where people say it has to do with rape.  All wrong.  Little Red Riding Hood came from Little Red Cap and it was a folklore, which means it was told verbally for thousands of years.  As a story told verbally it probably did have to do with the culture and traditions of the people who were telling it.  Once it was written down by Charles Perrault it had a whole new meaning.  This is why the Brothers Grimm had to write a version too.  

When the Brothers Grimm get involved I know the story had esoteric and occult meanings.  Perrault was in the French government.  He was very well-connected.  The Brothers Grimm just tweaked it a bit and you will see why shortly.  Most think the Brothers Grimm just gave it a happy ending.  There is some strong symbolism in the ending the Brothers Grimm added.  

First and foremost you must understand the little girl, her mother and grandmother are the triple goddess. Maiden, mother and crone.  They are the sacred feminine.  The red hood or cap is obviously covering up the sacred feminine.  Just like patriarch religions make women cover up.  It is red because all of the patriarch religions come from Lower Egypt.  Lower Egypt had the red crown.  Before Perrault there were versions of the story where the hood was gold.  He made the hood red because of Lower Egypt’s red crown, not to symbolize menstrual blood.  Scribes used other symbols for that(see Lilies, Roses, and Water).  

In the beginning of Perrault’s version the mother gives Red Riding Hood a basket and says, “Do not talk to strangers”.  The Brothers Grimm versions emphasizes to stay on the trail or path.  This is done because the story takes place outside of the city or town.  If you talk to strangers in the woods, who are pagan,  they might tell you the truth about religion.  The Brothers Grimm ‘staying on the path’ goes a little deeper.  Forests or woods have always represented the unconscious and turning within.  Forests have always had a transformation role.  Staying on the trail met keep turning within.  

In the Brothers Grimm version the basket is caring a bottle of wine.  The symbol of the bottle is important here.  Bottles represent suppressing feelings.  Bottling up your feelings.  Women who spoke out about religion were burned at the stake, so they had to bottle up their feelings.  The bottle has to be opened or broken to release the trapped spirit of the sacred feminine.  I know I’m on track here because wine has always represented the bloodline.  The bloodline runs through the female!  

Wolves in stories have always represented chaos.  It all goes back to Egypt and Set(see Three Little Pigs).  That is exactly what happens in this story.  The difference here is the wolf represents the chaos of the church.   The famous part of great arms, great eyes and great teeth is a play on the church.  The arms referring to the long arm of the law and back then religion was law.  The great eyes were showing that religion had zealots everywhere and they saw everything that one should not be doing.  Finally the teeth were showing how the church reacted to anyone who did not abide.  The teeth of the church were sharp with Witch burnings and all.  

In Perrault’s story Red Riding Hood takes her clothes off and gets in bed with the wolf before he eats her.  This is showing that there are women who know the truth of religion, but have not spoken up. They are literally in bed with the church.  The wolf eats the girl and Perrault’s story ends there.  This is symbolizing what the church has done to the sacred feminine.  They have destroyed her.  The patriarch religions have eaten the sacred feminine and ripped her apart with their sharp teeth for centuries.  The Brothers Grimm have a huntsman come in and cut the wolf’s stomach open freeing Red Riding Hood and her grandmother.  The huntsman is the sacred masculine.  There is no sacred masculine in religion.  The sacred masculine protects and serves and the sacred feminine.  That does not happen in religion.  

This version of the story ends with granny and Red Riding Hood coming out and helping the huntsman fill the wolf’s stomach with stones.  When the wolf wakes up, he tries to run away, but the stones are too heavy.  He falls down and dies.  Stones have to do with the stone tablets of Moses and its dogmatism.  As I show in Mithras, stones also have to do with showing the origination of the Christ narrative.  In the end the stones, dogma and foundations of religion will bring about its own death.  Now you know the true symbolism of Little Red Riding Hood. 



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