Feel Good

Feel Good

There are many times in our daily life when we use the word “no” and difficult times when we say the word “yes” just for not making people feeling uncomfortable.

In my opinion, there are moments when you have to say “no” even if others are going to feel uncomfortable and moments when you say or should say the word “yes” at least for feeling good, for enjoying the opportunities which life brings to you. 

For me, as a person who has avoided social interaction most of the time in my life, this movie was like a little stone used for paving my road to my self-confidence.

I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel good, who needs a laugh and motivation, for “Yes, Man” movie is plain fun to watch, and it can help you to pull out of depression.

It is a great comedy, a motivational and inspirational movie, with a great amount of uplift. 

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