The Path of Light

Astrological Musings – Where are we now? The Path of Light

(June 2, 2019)

Bill Attride


I thought it might be useful to post a written version of my BlogTalk radio show of Saturday June 1. Here is, more or less, a transcript of my talk:

I thought it would be helpful to pause at this time, as we approach the middle of 2019, and remind and reassure one another that we are indeed moving through a time that is quite extraordinary (or extra-ordinary as in astonishing or shocking).

As I have been noting since 2008, we are going through a very specific period (that continues until 2024), which carries resonances of what happened in the 1760’s and 1770’s, and before that the early 1500’s. In each period the Planet Pluto was (and is) moving through the Sign of Capricorn, the sign in “Mundane” or Worldly Astrology that governs Institutions. Pluto ruling the Will, and the processes of Alchemy or Spiritual Chemistry, also represents the processes of Birth, Death and Re-Birth.

This is why this time, our time, has the feeling of being like “The End of an Age”, because it is. The institutions and hierarchies of this world, those creations we have made to meet our needs for ourselves, and for one another, are failing. From the most intimate institutions of family and local neighborhoods, to larger voluntary groups and associations, from local to global economic structures, in the political realms, educational systems, and spiritual orders, wherever one turns there is a breaking down of functionality and a loss of meaning that defines our time.

As I wrote in my forecast for 2019:

A new world is coming, but that requires that an old order give way. Of course, the fundamental nature of what it means to be human, our needs for food, shelter, companionship, love and security are ever-present, but they are also evolving/transforming, seemingly (or actually) at an exponential rate, which is in large part due to what is known as “the scientific revolution” that began several centuries ago.

Copernicus, Bacon, Galileo, Newton among many other “lesser knowns”, questioned assumptions passed down from time immemorial. This quickening of the human capability to know and alter our world has endowed humanity with powers that have seemingly outstripped our wisdom to wield them, whether in Physics = Nuclear weapons, or Biology = Bioengineering.

Much that was will continue in some form of course, but much more of our social, economic and political structures will be reformed/transformed into new modes of expression, and they will certainly be informed by new ideas (or old ideas renewed) and meanings. The question remains, will we develop enough wisdom and humility to wield our “ring of power” (Intelligence) with unconditional love and compassion.

What can one do, what can you do, to find your way in such a disrupted world, in such a confusing time? I always say that we have been shown “the way” many, many times before. Teachers and Wise Ones have been sharing their Wisdom since we “woke up”, whether that is 70,000 to 100,000 years ago, or much longer.  This is why the Ancient Wisdom is found wherever you look, in whatever time or culture throughout the world, you will find in various forms and guises the answers to your questions. Yes, the answers are out there, as they are also truly in your heart of hearts, in your higher self too, and they can be found in the temples of thought we call Philosophy, Science and Religion.

Humans are human because we are Self-Aware, and we drive our self-development because we are fundamentally Story Tellers. We share our experiences, our knowledge and expertise, and find that we are inseparable from one another. We are really made of each other; we are all in one another so that we are more of a “we” than an “I”. Each of us is made by and through our sharing this life with one another, in all our present-day experiences and stories, as well as in all our past lives too.

Of course, for each of us, we must come to know who and what we are in this life. For me, Astrology has been a calling and a practice, and it is certainly a key component of the Ancient Wisdom, as it provides invaluable insight and guidance. As I understand it, Astrology is a tool or pathway to understanding your “Self”. While many will debate about the “purpose” of life, and how one can measure the good in any life, (as throughout history and in many varied cultures, what is known as the “good life” would certainly encompass a wide range of measurements, and often in divergent cultures, hold radically opposite notions of “the good”). For me, as I have come to understand or remember this, by observing life, and studying philosophy and the Ancient Wisdom, because we are a self-aware spirit, I believe we should understand that our goal is Self-Fulfillment.

The Twelve Signs and the Planetary placements in one’s chart provide a map of your own personal “constellation of possibilities”. Each Sign showing you, asking of you, to keep striving to master some quality of being that will move you towards your greater self.

Aries = Self-Awareness (being mindful, present in The Eternal Now).

Taurus = True Worth or Value (to experience true, Unconditional Love).

Gemini = Intelligence (The capacity to continually question and move your awareness to new points of view).

Cancer = Roots and Centering, to find the Self at the Centre, (and from this to know that all our centers eventually meet together as one).

Leo = Self-Expression, to stretch oneself into greater roles and stages of self-realization…to Perform by releasing the authentic self.

Likewise, we can be guided by the Planets, their placements and arrangements with one another as their integral combinations with one another stitch together the quintessence, forming the essential individuality of each one of us.

Moreover, in the day to day, as we encounter a world that is transforming before our very eyes, we can look to the messages encoded in the ever-unfolding “Dance of the Planets” to help inspire and guide us here on Earth.

Which brings us back to our principal concern for our end of an age, Pluto.

Pluto rules the third principle in the Triad of Spirit. Uranus is the principle of developing an ever-Freer Mind; Neptune is the principle of expressing ever more Unconditional Love; and Pluto is the principle of abiding in a truly Centered Will. Each of us is a unique spark of the Divine; each one of us is here to learn to use the power of the will, the power of control, for ever greater self-control. We are a spark of the Divine and at the core of us, is the holy of holies, there in our sacred center.

By your striving to be guided by this sacred center, others will learn to hold themselves true to Spiritual Truth, which is that every being is Sacred. You and they in turn, will take that sacred oath to never trespass upon any other, nor allow anyone to trespass or violate your holy of holies either.

So, what can you do, how can you cope when the world that was seems to be crumbling before your very eyes? You must remain centered and strong in the knowledge that we have been here before, and that the new world that is coming requires strong souls. This end is a beginning and it requires and calls out for Preservers, Protectors, Transformers and Healers. Your duty, as always is to Master yourself and then to help others towards their self-mastery too.

Then, moving outward into your sacred unions, you can join together one to one, and one to many, and so combine your wills and become the change that will give birth to the New Age that is dawning.

Bill Attride

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