You are Born being Worthy

We live in a beautiful world, where real beauty and kindness were pushed away. We are taught to compare each other and define worthiness based on some prerequisites. In that way, worthiness is given by clothes, the size of the house, car, by gold and social status.

Even in the spiritual world, there are people who propagate beautiful ideas, great quotes. Everything stops here because when you deal with them, you can see that everything is a reason for earning money, not a real interest in a way of helping people. If you do not have a “name”, money, external value, they treat you differently, as you are less worthy than they are. Beyond the mask they wear, there is their ego that speaks.

Do the external things really define who are you?

I am “somebody”

Do your money and academic achievements give you value?

Somebody told me a few weeks ago that he respects people who have postgraduate studies. What about the rest? What is special about those? Academic diplomas? Is your worth found in studies? Does the lack of academic studies make you unworthy? What about people who have the knowledge and they could not afford academic studies or did not want to achieve them? Are not they worthy? e.g Is not a cleaner worthy? Even a queen needs someone to clean her bathroom.

In an old post, I told you about the manager I had at my last paid job and the way she saw herself as being identified with the job she had. She is not the only example in this world. Many people identify themselves and others with a job, a bank account or other external things.

Another example of the way some people see their fellows is something I witnessed in a church. It is said that the church is a place of all, a place in which we all are seen and treated equally. For me, it is a part of the lie we live in. In that church, I remarked a simple woman who was pregnant and saw her praying fiercely. At the end of the preach, some of the women still in the church asked her how she dared to be pregnant without being married ( 🙂 ). She was told she is a sinner and her baby, too. The “poor” woman said she wants to talk to the priest and tried a couple of times to have the priest’s attention. At the same time, someone else approached the priest and he suddenly turned and answered with a big smile on his face, even if the other woman was the first one looking for the priest’s attention. The “truth” is that the other one was very well dressed. It was a kind of “someone”. The “poor” woman remained shy, silently and waiting for the priest to finish his discussion with the other person. Finally, the woman in question tries again to have the priest’s attention. At that moment, he asked her loudly and angrily “what do you want?”

Everywhere you look, some people are seen as “somebody” when others are “nobody”.

For me, when you see others worthier than you are, it is because of your lack of confidence. When you see yourself worthier than others, this is the ego speaking for you. I have lived similar experiences with the one above because my lack of confidence and self-esteem attracted that kind of experience, but your job and the way you look do not show how worthy you are.

I am that, I am

You are not your job, academic achievements and your bank account. It does not matter how much money you have, how much gold you have or wear because neither you shine more than others, nor others than you. Your value will not increase or decrease because you are not an object for the pawn shop. You are what I am: a human being.

When looking closely at a tree, you can see there are no two alike leaves and they appear one by one and fall in the same way. It is similar to people. We come into this world one by one and leave it in the same way. Even if you are born earlier than I am, it does not mean that you will leave the world earlier than I do. One thing is for sure: we all are like the leaves of a tree: living all together on the same planet. The way we do it is the way we choose to: hating each other, comparing each other how worthy we are or not, or looking at each other as the same worthy leaf of the same tree – “our humanity”.

For me, there are no prerequisites to worthiness, for we all are born worthy and it is in your power to be You, the one who makes the difference between how you see others and how you want to see yourself.

What to do?

  • do not let anybody to tell you are not worthy
  • do not let people treat you like they are worthier than you are
  • do not accept others to tell you how worthy you are/ are not, only to be part of their life
  • never accept to be identified with what you do

We all are born in the same way. As all the flowers are beautiful in a garden, all the leaves in a tree, all the birds in a flock, We ALL are born being worthy.

I am that, I am.

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With Love,

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17 thoughts on “You are Born being Worthy

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  3. Daniela

    Thank you very much dear Manuela, wonderful article ! What seems to me very sad is the treatment that those who consider themselves deserving to apply to others whom they consider less worthwhile, this also happens in the environments of the spiritual communities, your example with the pregnant woman at the church is well-chosen.
    Fortunately, however, there are positive signs that people are waking up to reality.*)
    Thank you again for your wonderful article!
    I love you, Bless you and everyone! Namaste! * * *

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    1. I agree with you, Daniela, for there are signs everywhere!
      Thank You so much for your read and appreciation!
      I love & bless you and All!
      ❤ 🔆 ❤


  4. So true dear Manuela! We are so programmed to identify with our jobs, to take pride in “doing a good job”, we get “branded” by companies… it took me a few decades to de-program… We are not our “nationality”, “our religion”, our “jobs”, our “diplomas”, our “exterior looks”,etc… we are not any of these exterior things, we are all souls having a human experience and hopefully to remember our oneness and interconnectedness.
    Thank you for the inspiration! Much love and light, Amira ❤

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    1. True and beautiful said: “We are all souls having a human experience” and the process of awakening helps us to remember that we all are One.
      Thank You for your read and kindness, dear Amira!
      Love & Light to you and everyone!
      ❤ 🔆 ❤

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  5. It’s ironic how even though we differ in so many ways, the issues we face are pretty much the same. Thank you for your uplifting message. It brought me to tears as I can really relate to your experience and the victim I am to my low self-confidence.


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