What You Think of Me …

Our thoughts create our beliefs and experiences, and, in return, they give birth to other thoughts. In life, we can be found in a position to agree or disagree with what we hear, react and/or leave that person.

What about what we hear is about us?

We are taught to care about what others think of us, and we feel hurt if others talk badly about us or to us. We are not taught that everyone has the right to have their own opinion because they have their own path of life, meaning they live their own experiences. Even if we are taught to such a degree we will not apply it, for our ego is suffering to hear that other people do not have a good opinion about us or our work. Usually, everyone likes to be seen in a positive light, to receive good comments and appreciation, to feel that his impression is always a good one.

The idea is that we are different and we cannot be seen well by everyone, for we cannot resonate with everyone in everything we say or do.

We are taught:

a. to agree with what others say

It is ok to agree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people as long as you consider their thoughts are resonating with what you feel and know, but it will not be ok if you agree only because you are afraid of upsetting them or losing them as part of your life. It means You do not have to say “yes” when your soul is screaming “no”.

b. to disagree

It is ok to disagree with the thoughts or opinions expressed by other people, for you live life experiences in your own way. You can see things differently because you do it through your eyes. However, that does not give you any right to deny the meaning of what others feel or tell them to keep quiet …

We disagree with people who talk badly about or to us because we want to see ourselves better than we see them. We do not see that we can not know everything or in the way others do it. Instead, we want to make others see our own reality as we do it and for that, we are ready even to use the power. We want our pride and ego to be kissed. Consequently, we react with violence to defend the pride of our ego and it goes from agreements and fights to wars, even if it is not our business what others think of us.

Why is none of my business what you think of me?

  • Everyone has the right to talk, to have his own opinion, for they see things differently.
  • Do not react for You do not have the right to judge or blame me because I do not think like you do. We can not think the same, for each one sees the world in a way others do not or cannot do it.
  • Each of us has his way of looking at things and other people, and it can be a way that we may not have seen it, but usually gives us another perspective on things.
  • If someone does not like me, it is not the end of the world and it does not mean they are better than me, for we are all born being worthy. It means they do not know to look and find within whatever they do not like at me.

In my opinion, our thoughts are a kind of puzzle pieces. It has often occurred to me that “aha” moment when talking to someone, a moment when something makes a connection about I did not know where to take it from, at some point. It is like a lost puzzle piece that is offered to me by the person I am talking to.

However, what you think of me is none of my business but it can raise thousands of doubts in my mind and hurt me or make me keep far from you. The way we react depends on the way we have been educated, the way we live with, and as each coin has two sides, we can choose between them: to “judge” people or understand that what they see is what they have within.

“Listen to what others think about you, but do not react. For whatever they think or express about you has more to do with them than with you.” ― Peter Baksa

With Love,

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12 thoughts on “What You Think of Me …

    1. It is so true! From my experience, when I have said that “no” I felt liberated by conditions and limits I have been living with for years. It is not easy but it can be done and the feeling is AMAZING!
      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts!

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  1. Listen to what others think about you, but do not react. For whatever they think or express about you has more to do with them than with you.” ― Peter Baksa..

    This is so so true, i believe unwell individual’s tend to struggle and vent there own frustration off towards others..

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      1. The mad thing about a disfunctional disorders is..

        Neither one of those individual’s caught up in the conflicting mess, actually no there is a underlying cause to a unknown condition that is fuelling how well we can tolerate one an other..

        Unless you manage to actually solve the route cause to a condition, you are simply left to deal with your negative feelings in which directly then cause a destructive personality disorder..

        When your mindset is altered you simply struggle with yourself within yourself, life can feel harder..

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      2. You are right! You struggle with yourself within yourself, but nobody will do it for you if you do not deal with yourself, with your negative feelings. In my opinion we are not taught to deal with them, and as you said they cause destructive personality disorder.
        Thank you for your comment!

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