You Can if YOU Want!

There are people who can do many things with all the barriers we see in their physical appearance, though you will say “I cannot do it” when the physical condition seems that does not allow you that.

If you find out that you have an incurable disease you take action and sell everything you have only to know that you are doing well because you want to live longer. But as long as you live, you think somebody else should do what you do not want, or you think you can not. What stops you from acting differently than you have done so far?

What do you do?

We are taught to say that everything happening in our society is others’ fault. Are we trying to see that each of us has his part in what’s happening? We blame the governors, but we choose them. We do not like the system we live in, but we deny we can change something of it. We do not want to change ourselves though we are part of the system, and we want to change others and the system. We do not want to change our way of thinking and acting but we want others to do it as we want.

It is easier sitting and watching all day on TV to see what others do with their lives or to sit in front of the block of flats eating seeds and waiting for someone else to come and change your life. It is easier drinking in the restaurant and “putting the country on the go” and complaining about how difficult your life is. It is easier to sell the piece of land that your parents or grandparents have worked and kept it holy so that it may help you to live a better life, than finding solutions to make the most of your work using that piece of land. With the attitude of “I can not do anything, for …” you are looking for excuses of doing nothing and you say you can not.

If you do not try to do anything else why you say you can not?

Where is the solution?

A few years ago, the cold water stopped running in my flat without previous notification, and on the calls I made, I was told that I did not pay my bills. The point is, I always paid all of them, and I was not the only one without water running, but many flats and most of them had their bills paid. Moreover, every institution I called told me that I will get an answer in the next 30 days. My question was, “what do those who have a few month babies and old people paralyzed in bed?” The official answer was: “I do not know, I can not do anything, wait for the answer.” I called all the institutions in hierarchical order until the Prime Minister’s cabinet. I do not know where and what happened, that I could not talk to him, but I know the water started running.

You can if you want!

When I worked as a psychologist and wanted to take part in a “qualification” course held in Bucharest, I was told from colleagues that the manager will not accept my request because such a thing did not happen in the institution before. I made the request, I was called to the “boss” to tell her my reason for attending the course and it was approved. I attended that course and it was paid fully by the institution.

You can if you want!

I moved to live in a village because I love living in nature and having my flower garden and growing my vegetable and fruit. Having a place where the grass grew higher and being the only one at home at that time, I had two alternatives: to pay someone to cut the grass with a scythe or to do it by myself. I have held a scythe in my hands before but only to look at it. I was trying to remember how my grandparents sharpened the scythe and moved through the grass to cut it. I tried, I sharpened my scythe and I cut the grass as I could and knew and I still do it as many times I need it.

You can if you want!

Only blaming and crying no one can do anything or we just flatter ourselves that we can do things but we do not act in that direction. You need to take action, for as a house does not build itself if you do not work for it, as society does not change if you do not want to assume your own contribution to its change. Do you want to change others what you do not want to change at your workplace? You do not do it because you’re afraid you’ll be fired. No problems, for there are other jobs and if they are not as “warm” as you wish, you can change them again or work for yourself and create jobs for others.

Do not expect anything from anyone for you if you do nothing for YOU. What you do not want to change, no one will change, because you are the only one who can if you want!

Posts and likes on social media neither do change the country and the world nor take action on our behalf. Likewise, dislikes, dirty remarks, insults, and slander do not change your life or society.

“If you want to see a better world, change the lens through which you see it and do the work to make it better.”
― Jeffrey G. Duarte

The solution is inside of us, in what we want, wish and our actions!

Taking action does not mean arguing, beating, killing. Taking action means

  • find your solution and implementing it, without expecting someone else “to do” it for you
  • respect your own and others’ limits
  • take attitude in front of those who like breaking the good inside of you
  • accept that there is no one better than You

You can if you want! Your choice belongs to you because

“What you choose also chooses you.”
― Kamand Kojouri

With Love,

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  1. That is so good and very true. We can if we want, but all too often people just look at a problem and say it can’t be done. Give it a try. You are right, we have to change ourselves. Sitting around and hoping that something will change in our lives is not the solution. We need to take the right action and make our changes. Great post!

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