The Web of Lies

A few weeks ago, my little friend, who I wrote about in an old post,  asked me why it is good that there are spiders. The first thing coming to my mind for a 6-year-old child was that the spider’s web shows a man that a place needs cleaning.

Our life is the same, both literally and figuratively. The longer we live in and with the lies, the harder it is to get rid of them, to clean them, and often the man stops doing it, preferring to live in lies until the web becomes so heavy that it breaks itself.

We are born and live in a web of lies, and over the course of our lives, we are crocheting and adding new lines to the consistency and weight of that web. Sometimes we see that it is not good what we do but we continue because on the one hand, it is the way we know to live in and are afraid to do otherwise than we have done so far, for we are afraid of the consequences of telling our own opinion, our truth, or we do not know that we can live otherwise. On the other hand, we do not see how these lies would affect us personally and do not care about others, meaning that “the neighbour’s goat must die”. Therefore, some who will agree with you inside them, will not agree with you directly and will insult you and talk to you badly because you are not doing what the rest of the crowd does.

From the lie that you live in the job you do is part of it, for you do it without liking it. The lies you hear from your boss are also part of it and you do not have the courage to tell him that he has no idea what he is talking about and everything you do is done with disgust but you go to that job because of money coming from there. You can modify figures and reports as the boss likes to be done, but you keep your mouth shut. You are afraid of not finding something better to do, but you keep complaining that your life is bad.

You are lying when you accuse others of corruption, but you are cutting off your salary or pension to give “something extra” to your doctor or priest to take good care of you. You use the cement that has as destination unfinished roads, for someone who has a high position and you keep your mouth shut. Our governors say that there is no money to build or finish many things for people, but they spend huge amounts of money with election campaigns, their salaries, and pensions, but you go and vote them again, although, inside you, you know they will do the same.

At the Social Welfare Directorate come people who do not have anything to deserve a disability benefit, but they lie in papers and pay others to lie for what they want. When I rejected a file, I was told I should be careful who signed those papers that came to me. Who said it? My boss lied from the fear of her boss or because of the bribe they have taken.

The lie is found at all levels of the society starting from kindergarten and school and ending wherever you want, down to the piece of land that is sold for burial or up to the governors. We are lying when we say we want a different life, but in fact, we do not want to change anything we do.

We learn to lie. We pay to lie and to be lied. Why?

“People only lie because they are afraid of the truth”
 Madison Reil

What Can You Do?

Change yourself! Say “no” where the soul tells you to do it and say “yes” where you feel that way, for it means to be who you really are.

Refuse to do things that do not resonate with what your soul is telling you to, and you will feel free of all the life chains you lived with. You will find something else to do and do not be afraid because here on earth, you will not starve.

Do the best you can, no matter that it is about the job you do not like, but you’ve chosen it, or pick up the paper on the road that you or your child threw and put it in the bin.

Ask for your rights, do not expect anyone else to do it for you.

Break the thread of lies waved around you, for usually, lies expire, while the truth has no expiration date.

I said previously and keep saying: dislikes, dirty remarks, insults, and slander do not change our society, for they do not change the web of lies we live in. See where you lie or you are not right with yourself, and you will see that as you change from within, society changes slowly, for we all form society. Every building is made up of small parts, and YOU are one of those pieces of society building.

“Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.” 
 Michael Jackson

With Love,

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